Windows 10 Creators Update: Everything You Should Know

2017 02 01 08h16 11

Macs are known to be for creative use where as PC are for getting work done. However, this equilibrium seems to have shifted with Apple prioritizing its mobiles and Microsoft selling itself as a platform for creative development. This idea comes with the Surface Studio, a purpose-built device that serves more to creative professionals than anything Apple has built in years.

But as hardware is just half of the equation we have Windows 10 Creators Update too that Microsoft announced today. It will be available to the public starting from 11 April. Microsoft has added some new feature to the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update that are worth mentioning.

Microsoft Edge gets tab management

Microsoft Edge is a great option for those who are wishing to conserve battery, however other than that there is no more significant argument to compel users to opt for it. However, the Creators Update adds some features to it that will make it worth your time. For starters, you can see a Visual preview of the tab by clicking on the arrow next to the new tab button.

Another useful feature is ‘Set those tab aside ‘ that lets you clear up the tabs while letting you access them later.

Microsoft Edge becomes an Ereader

For Microsoft Edge is not just a browser by also an app for all sorts of reading. You will now be able to download EPUB files on it, and even PDFs and have a full-fledged ebook reader experience. You can adjust the font or text size on the ebook too and do most of the basic things you do on an ebook reader.

Paint is now in 3D

Paint will have a major update and one of the biggest update too. Paint 3D. Paint will now be able to create 3D models and even send them to Remix3D. And if you have the right hardware for 3D printing it will also be able to print the 3D models.

Picture in Picture View

We have all faced the struggle of resizing windows to get to the perfect window size so that we can view a video in one corner and work on another window in another corner. Microsoft is here with a solution for that too. The picture in picture view feature called the ‘mini view’ that will let you view videos while working on another window.

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The apps will be able to create and always on the top window, so you don’t have to worry about your Window while switching tabs. However, it is only available for stock TV and Movie apps.

A blue light filter

We all are aware of the fact that the wavelength of blue light keeps us from falling asleep. Which is why Microsoft has built in a feature called Night Light that will filter the blue light and help you fall asleep.

Just go to Settings > System > Display to adjust Night Light’s settings, including color temperature and active hours

Dynamic Lock

If you press Win + L everytime you leave your computer, then this feature is for you. Just connect your smartphone or tablet to the PC and your it will automatically lock everytime your device leaves the Bluetooth range.

Surround Sound

An exciting feature of the Creators Update is the native support for surround sound. That means it will convert any ordinary ear buds into a virtual 7.1 surround sound system – or even implement more advanced techniques like Dolby Atmos.

Scribble on Maps, photos, and videos

Not long ago people were wary of using any other navigation solution other than Google Map. Microsoft is, however, introducing new features that may sway many users in its directions. Users can now use a stylus to draw on the map. In addition to just scribbling, you can also estimate the travel distance based on the route you draw. Or get turn by turn direction or the route you draw. Similarly, you can draw on photos or videos too.

Game Mode

Game Mode will ensure that your computer always optimizes its resources to provide you with the best gaming experience. It will, in theory, prevent your game from experiencing sudden frame drops, even if an application running in the background does something funky.

You can turn the feature on and off from the new Gaming section of the Settings menu. Windows has a list of games for which it is manually turned on. But you can manually activate or deactivate it while a game is running by pressing Win + G.

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These Are some amazing updates in the Microsoft OS, but even then Microsoft has a long way to go if it wants to be called the Creators OS. Still, Windows has come a long way, and if Microsoft keeps up the pace and dedication, Windows may just be the next Creator’s OS.