Samsung’s 2Piece Cover For Galaxy S8 is The Ugliest And Most Terrible Case I have Seen

2017 03 30 18h01 48

Yesterday, the south Korean smartphone manufacturer launched the much anticipated and much leaked Galaxy S8. No doubt, the Galaxy S8 is Samsung made engineering marvel and its design puts Apple iPhone 7 to shame. The same is not true about companies 2Piece Cover that company will be selling as an accessory for the S8.

2017 03 30 18h01 48

S8 is a beautifully designed phone that screams quality and polish, it looks like a phone that has been made with a lot of love care and planning and then there is 2Piece Cover that Samsung will sell for $20. While the price does seem reasonable for a smartphone case, its design is what seems terrible to me.

2017 03 30 18h02 03

The case does not add any more dust resistance or drop resistance to the phone that it can be given a pass about its looks because of its functionality. It just adds some weight to the phone and makes the smartphone looks super ugly. It has two pieces, one to add to the top of the phone and the other to add to the bottom and because they are not physically glued with one another, you can bet your ass one of them will fly off the phone whenever the phone gets dropped.

If you are getting an S8 for yourself, just skip the case no matter how much bikini inspired it looks, your $20 will literally be spent better anywhere else.

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