Pokémon is Turning 20 and Nintendo is Celebrating with New Bundles

nintendo 2ds pokemon

2016 is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon and Nintendo seems to be in celebration mood.

On  27th February, Nintendo is releasing new Nintendo 2DS bundles for the franchise fans.  On that same date in 1996, the first Pokémon game was sold in Japan. Till now, we have seen many games in the franchise.

The Nintendo 2DS will be available in 3 different bundles including Yellow, red and blue colour related to different Pokémon characters. Also, Nintendo will ship a special sticker pack to customize the handheld console and a code to download a Pokémon theme for 2DS.

The goodies don’t stop here, Nintendo is also installing a special Virtual Console Version that will make is possible to run old releases of Pokémon games. The company has said that the games will be similar to their original version, including the 4 bit audio and original monochrome pixel art.

Though Nintendo is not releasing the bundle of 3DS, the owners can snap in Pokémon themed covers who will be available on the same day.

Nintendo is also setting up its eShop to make Pokémon games available for 3DS.

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