This is The Best News App for Android Lockscreen


Mobile app makers have tried lockscreen news app in past, Facebook itself made an app called Facebook home to show news feed on the Android lock screen.

Recently launched app Called Corgi for Feedly focuses on the news but takes an approach similar to Facebook home. It is a news app for Android Lockscreen.

news app for andoid lockscreen

Corgi for Android

As obvious, the App has the support of importing news alerts from Feedly, after the app installation, a user can sign-in to the Feedly account to see the news feed in Android lockscreen. Users who have not signed into the Feedly service can still use the app. In this case, the App pulls News content from Corbi’s selected news content.

Corbi focuses more on simplicity than on Advanced Features. Using the App is pretty simple. On the lock screen, you can swipe Up to unlock the phone or you can swipe left to go to the news feed. Instagram users can also see their feeds in the news section using the log-in option in the App.

Corgi Magazine Demo

Although it is not the only news app for Android, Corgi has some cool features to make it favorite of news junkies. The app has positive reviews so far. It requires Android 4.4 or above to run and it weights 11 MB.

How do you get news on your phone? do you use Apps or you just open a website? share with us in the comments below.

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