Galaxy Note 7 is Back From Dead, And it’s Launching Really Soon

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There have been many speculations and leaks about it but, it looks like Samsung is not going to dump thousands of Note 7 devices after all. Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition will soon be available in South Korea. It is a smartphone that will be last of the series of Note 7. In fact, a phablet, that attempts to overcome the bad reputation Note 7 achieved for its battery issues. It had been rumored to come with several different names but will finally have no ‘7’ in its title instead, the phone will be called a fan edition.

Galaxy Note Fan Edition Leaked Image

Galaxy Note Fan Edition Leaked Image

The leaks show the phone in blue color. Other variants are expected too. The phone will be priced at KRW 699,600/ $620  ( almost Rs 39,500) while a discount may be availed later. The device will be under speculations from fans all over the world after Note 7 debacle. “The launch of ‘Galaxy Note FE’ is also meaningful in that it is an eco-friendly project that minimizes waste of resources by utilizing ‘Galaxy Note 7’ parts”, Samsung has announced in a recent statement.

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There will only be 400,000 units available for sale in South Korea, depending on demand and response, Samsung will release additional units for other markets. This Fan Edition is expected to come in a design similar to the Galaxy Note 7. It is made with the parts from Note 7 and sourced from the recalled, unsealed units of the smartphone. Except for the batteries, which Samsung continued to claim was the main culprit behind the blasts. Samsung has tried to reuse all the internal hardware too, while battery, will be toned down to a 3,200mAh. Samsung has also put the battery through an 8-point battery test (just like it did with the Galaxy S8 and S8+) to ensure that the disaster is not repeated again.

The other changes include native Bixby Voice Assistant. Bixby has been facing problems learning languages like Mandarin and English – though it is already adept on Korean. Leaked images reveal a new packaging – a sleek black box with a blue heart on top, logo on the rear panel, towards the bottom. It will be somehow a collectors edition for those who loved Note 7 otherwise but despised the battery issues, a renewed charming form of the classic.

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