Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is Reportedly Going On Sale

2017 05 14 09h18 12

Last month, we discussed that Samsung may launch a refurbished version of its dreaded Note 7 smartphone in some developing markets, well, it looks like the company is ready to get the refurbished version of the phone into the hands of customers.

As reported by My Drivers, the phone got listed on the website of a Chinese E-tailer and it looks identical to the original Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

2017 05 14 09h18 12

As per the listing, the phone will cost CNY 3,599-3,999 which is roughly Rs 33,540 to Rs 37,300 in India. If you can’t recall, the price of the phone is almost half of the original price of the Note 7.

Earlier reports claimed that Samsung will make a big reduction on battery capacity before selling the phone on market (because the original phone caught fire due to faulty battery) but it seems that phone won’t be getting a significant battery downgrade. There are two different version of the phone, the first one will come with a 3,200mAh battery while the second one will pack a 3,500mAh battery which is the same as OG Note 7.

2017 05 14 09h18 38

The battery is modified to make sure that these phones do not catch fire.  Samsung recently stated that the company is not going to kill the Note line and a new Galaxy Note device will be launched soon, it will be interesting to see how things go for the smartphone giant because Samsung had a lot of negative press during the Note 7 débâcle.

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