Looks Like Samsung Will Sell Galaxy Note 7 Again After All

2017 02 21 17h21 11

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is all set to make a comeback in an effort by the company to deal with the stock of the units left, in an ‘environment-friendly manner.’ The South Korean tech giant announced that “it would sell Galaxy Note 7 refurbished phones or rental phones, after consulting with regulators in various markets.” And the market and the release date for the refurbished units will be announced accordingly.

Samsung had recalled about 4 billion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because of the issue of battery heating and bursting into flames. Authorities in the US and other places had banned the use of Galaxy Note 7 on the planes or even in checked luggage. After and investigation Samsung announced that the issue was faulty batteries. However, it wasn’t clear what Samsung planned to do with the smartphones as disposing them off as waste would pose and environmental hazard.

A statement by Samsung said “Regarding the Galaxy Note 7 devices as refurbished phones or rental phones, applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand,”

Activists who had been protesting the recall of Galaxy Note 7 due to environmental concerns are happy with this move.

However, Jan Dawson of Jackdow thinks this is a huge mistake as Samsung prepares for its flagships launch. “While the desire to minimize the environmental impact is admirable and Samsung would no doubt benefit financially from refurbishing the phones, it would have been better off simply doing what it originally said it would and abandoning the line entirely and merely recouping parts,” Dawson said in a blog post.

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