KeepVid Android Review: A Great Way of Downloading Media On The Go

KeepVid Android Review

We have talked about KeepVid Pro on Getting Geek before which is a PC & Mac based video download solution, today, we will take a look at KeepVid Android, a mobile version of the same desktop app which supports most sites that its desktop cousin does while being completely free to use.

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Before we get to the app, a little disclaimer first: Many video streaming sites don’t want their users to download videos for offline use, and some of these videos may be copyrighted too, you should keep that in mind and read site’s T&Cs before downloading anything from their site.

KeepVid Android is not available on Google Play Store, which, as many people may already know is, because Google does not allow YouTube downloading applications on the Play Store. Instead, you can either get KeepVid Pro from its official website or from APK Mirror. If you have never sideloaded an app before, you may have to jump through some hoops and enable Unknown Sources on Settings. Although I would recommend you do disable it again once KeepVid Android has been installed.

Once the installation is done, you are good to go. On Android version 6 and above, the app will ask permission to access device storage and once granted, you can start downloading videos from any of its supported sites.

Because KeepVid only requires access to your storage, you can be sure that it does not record your location or contacts, which may be an important factor to users concerned with privacy.

Using KeepVid Android

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Home Screen of the App

Similarly to the PC version, you can download videos in 2 ways. the first one is to paste the URL of the video on the app and then choosing the video quality to download and the second way is by browsing the site within the app and navigating to the video. Because the in app’s video navigation will be a mobile version of the site, you can preview the videos before downloading them. There is a search feature on the app too, which worked just as it should.


When you are downloading a video, you can pick if you want a video (in MP4 format) or just the audio (in MP3 format) though the app does not support resolution higher than 1920x1080p.

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Downloaded media files are stored in a folder called KeepVid in internal storage.
The home screen of the app contains tiles to many websites that app supports and you can add some more sites to the home page by tapping the tile with 3 dots at the home screen, though keep in mind that there are some NSFW sites in the “Add More” list too.
Once the video is added, you can either start downloading it directly or let it wait for the phone to connect to a Wi-Fi network.


The app’s setting can be found by tapping on the menu and selecting Settings, here you can change the default Video Player and Audio Player, the built-in Video Player is decent, but I prefer to use VLC to play Video files on my phone.
Apart from that, you can change the maximum number of concurrent downloads too which is default to 3.
I would like to see an option to set a default video download quality within the app in future though.


The Android variant of KeepVid’s video downloading solution is not as powerful or not as feature rich as its desktop brother, but its support to almost all major websites and its free price tag is definitely enough to make it one of the best ways of downloading videos on Android Devices. It would be great to have a paid and ad-free version of KeepVid Android. But if you are someone who wants to download videos off the internet and you don’t mind seeing a banner ad in the app, KeepVid is worth a shot.

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