An Apple Interned Has Leaked iPhone Source Code : Report

Just like Microsoft or other big software company, Apple doesn’t want people getting access to the source code of its mobile operating system,  the iOS which run on all iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Earlier in the week, a portion of the source code of the iOS was posted on GitHub and it looked like the code was leaked by a former Apple intern.

As Motherboard reported, the intern who took the source code and distributed to the group of five of his friends did it to help the Jailbreaking community. Jailbreaking is very similar to Rooting on Android, but Apple cites many security issues with the process to let users do it with their phones.

Anyways, the employee took  “all sorts of Apple internal tools and whatnot,” and gave it to the friends. The original plan was to make sure that code never left the circle of the five friends but the doe spread beyond the original group sometimes in 2017. Eventually, the code was posted on a discord group and then it reached Reddit and a few months ago, the iOS source code was posted on Github in the first week of February of 2018.

While the code has been taken down, Apple said that the company knew about the leak way before it made into the Github repository which is completely possible considering the code must also have reached Jailbreaking community’s hands.

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5 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone’s iOS

Just like Xbox and Playstation have been a deciding factor of friendships in recent years, picking the correct mobile OS whether its iOS or its Android is becoming increasingly difficult. In early years, iPhones were the easy choice fo people who were looking for phones that just work. However, since Android 4.4 Android has improved itself massively and most reasons to go for iOS are have started to become moot. Lets take a look at 5 Reasons why Android is a better mobile Operating System than Apple’s iOS.

Android Has Far More Free Apps Than iOS

Free apps and games on Android are a clear win over iOS, which expects you to pay more frequently. A large number of apps have heavy price tag on iOS, that are freely available on Android. Big difference when you are paying extra money to iOS and buying the same, sometimes even less functional version. Then there are freemium and ad-supported version on PlayStore.

Google Assistant and Google Now are far superior on Android

If you use Google services, using Google Now is kind of a no-brainer. While iOS has a decent app for Google Now, the Android version has always been getting new features first and runs efficiently. Technology is forwarding to offer real convenience boosts to our routine jobs. Tough competition. Nonetheless, for now, the predictive and pre-emptive nature of Google Now is best suited on Android. The same goes for Google Assistant, sure Siri is OK, but compare it to Google Now and you will find that Google’s offering on Android is far more powerful.

Custom ROMs

Chroma is a well known Android Custom ROM

While Custom ROMs have lost some of their popularity in recent years, they still matter a lot to geeks and tech enthusiasts. It makes a big difference when you can get Lineage OS offering you the vast liberty to use your apps and games in newer ways while inviting custom ROM builders too to open platform of innovation as opposed to locked and rigid iOS.

Android has better support for multi-window multitasking

Multitasking in Android 7
Multitasking in Android 7

That is a definitive upvote to Android. You just can’t open multiple windows on an iOS phone. Simultaneously writing a mail, checking your notebooks and surfing on the internet at once is possible on Android phones running Nougat with its ability to run two apps on the same screen at once. That is a very big privilege of Android users putting it right ahead of iOS.

Android Phones are far more customizable

Evie is my favorite Android Launcher

Only Android gives you a whole range of launchers, only Android gives you a huge variety of customization widgets, and only Android has a myriad range of shape and sizes of smartphones to suit for a taste. Where iOS gives you a feel of uniformity, Android invites you to a fancy-dress party. Don’t like how the icon of Facebook or Google Chrome looks? with Android, only a quick trip to Play Store will do the trick, but on iOS, it just is not possible.

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6 Things that Android Phones Can do, But iPhones Can’t

The war of smartphone operating systems is summed up to a clash between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS during the last decade. Both giants had been regularly updating themselves to match the requirements of the new era. Android, on one hand, has expanded its multifunctional abilities to new horizons, iOS on the other has brought much flexibility to give an equal competition. While both have their pros & cons, iOS has its design and structure pretty much fixed and it offers far less personalization than Android that all users are aware of. However, there are few key differences that make Android a bit privileged still more.

Those 6 notable functions of Android are delights to its users that iOS does not yet provide. Moreover, what we are mentioning are not some die-hard techy stuff but key functions that every user needs someday.

6 Things that Android Phones Can do, But iPhones Can’t

True Multitasking

Multitasking in Android 7
Multitasking in Android 7.0

Most important facility Android by default provides is working simultaneously on two windows, and with Android 7 Nougat, this is officially a part of OS available on all Android phones. Though, it had been functional in many earlier Android phones too. Apple’s iOS has something similar for iPad, but for iPhone, users have to do without it. It binds them to one App at a time.

Call Recording

Automatic Call Recorder in Android
Automatic Call Recorder in Android

iOS has some complicated third-party apps for recording calls but that too is not hassle free. While on Android all it needs is to turn on Automatic Call Recorder and it gives you AMR files for all calls that you can manage whichever way you want.

Photo Syncing in Background

Google Photos can sync photos in Background on Android
Google Photos can sync photos in Background on Android

Apple has no APIs to sync the content in the background. Thus your iPhone cannot sync the photos with your cloud account while your phone is standing by, or is at charge. iCloud though can be smoother than other cloud account but that has limited 5GB storage and has a high cost if you want to buy additional. Google Photos on Android provides Unlimited backup for photos and it not only syncs your content in the background, you can also set it to only sync when it is standing by or charging.

Having Guest User Accounts

With Guest Account and multi users account enabled, Android provides a Windows PC like facility with your phone. You can handover your phone to others with guest login on. All your data stays safe in your account while the guest can easily surf internet or play games seamlessly. iPhone has a strict no to multiple accounts. As soon as someone else can operate your phone all your data will be laid open to them.

Better Caller ID and Spam Filtering

Truecaller on Google Android
Truecaller on Google Android

Truecaller is the most popular crowdfunded directory to know the details of callers while ringing. With Android, it can privide full functionality but on iOS, you can at times see a spam caller identified only as spam. And with no multi windows available, it goes too hectic. Same applies for true-messaging where iOS prevent you from a better management of your SMSs.

Connecting to PCs and Macs Easily

With only an Android phone you can get a plain USB connection to PC and an option to use your phone’s internal or external memory as a USB device. With iOS you have to install lengthy software (iTunes) and have to set up your apps to have it connected to your PC properly.

Owning to those 6 key features, looks like Android secures its position pretty ahead in functionality while iOS stands a neat second. What do you think? Share with us in the comments below…

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10 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 can do that the iPhone can’t

Samsung just came out with its flagship model, the Galaxy S8 and it is pretty impressive. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can easily be said the best production of Samsung. Here we have compiled a list of all those features that you won’t be able to find in the leading iPhone.

Iris Scanner

Iris scanner in S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus pack an iris scanner to provide the ultimate security. Once configured, It unlocks only after scanning your iris. Samsung says that the iris scanner is more secure than the fingerprint sensor.

Facial Recognition

The Samsung flagship models come with facial recognition feature that helps you unlock your smartphone with a selfie. And it is faster than the iris or fingerprint scanner.

Increased Screen Size

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung has increased the screen to bezel ratio, and the S8 has a 5.8-inch screen, and the S8+ has a 6.2-inch display. It is much larger compared to the iPhone screen size.

Wireless Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S8 can be charged by placing it on a wireless charging pad. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus also comes with fast charging that enables it to be charged quite quickly. The iPhone does not support wireless or fast charging.

The Headphone Jack

Any standard Headphone can be plugged into the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus via its Headphone jack. iPhone has infamously removed the 3.5mm audio jack that was available on iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can make payment via the magnetic card readers. You don’t need a special NFC pad like with Apple Pay.

Mobile VR

Samsung is giving away VR headsets with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus if preordained before 21 April. Samsung has its virtual reality software that is powered day Facebooks Oculus. iPhone can work with VR headsets, but it does not come with native support for virtual reality.

Heart Rate Sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus come with heart rate sensors on their back. To measure your pulse via an iPhone, you will have to buy an Apple Watch or another accessory.

Use the phone as a desktop PC

With special docks, Samsung Galaxy S8 can be connected to monitor, keyboard and mouse and you can run a desktop version of your smartphone on your regular computer.


Bixby is Samsungs personal digital assistant. While Apple has its own all assistant named Siri, it doesn’t support smart camera features. That is Bixby let your take a picture of real life object and displays relevant information. This feature isn’t available on Siri.

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WhatsApp is testing a way to actually make money

A report by Reuter states that Whatsapp has begun testing ways for businesses to directly message their consumers. So Whatsapp may soon be ready to make real money.

Whatsapp used to charge a $0.99 annual fees, but after being acquired by Facebook, Whatsapp abandoned the annual fee. Whatsapp had then said that it will let the users interact with businesses and organization with the aim of making money. So this step by Whatsapp wasn’t that unexpected.

The Reuters report said, that some Y Combinator startups have begun testing the feature,

“The trial is still in the early stages, said Umer Ilyas, co-founder of Cowlar Inc, one of the startups involved. The system is highly anticipated in remote places where WhatsApp is especially popular, he said.

Cowlar makes collars for dairy cows, collecting data on their activity and recommending changes to improve milk yield. The company, which is testing the collars in the United States, wants to use WhatsApp to send automatic alerts from the collars directly to farmers if say, a cow is not behaving normally, Ilyas said.”

Another report by Mashable also supports the Reuters report. It suggests that a variant of Whatsapp, called Whatsapp for Business is being tested in India.

This step is quite similar to what Facebook did with its Messenger. The change had led to a huge increase in business related bots in Facebook. Whatsapp is more popular communication tool than Messenger in many areas, so taking a similar approach with Whatsapp makes sense.

Now it has to be seen when this features for Whatsapp will be officially announced.

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How to Create a Mobile Banking App?

Fact: by 2019 mobile banking users will represent 32% of the global adult population.

The question is whether your institution is ready for the shift towards mobile banking?

So far we have noticed that the growth in mobile banking usage has exceeded most of the banks’ expectations. Only a few large national banks are offering great experience to their customers, while the rest are now doing the “catching up” and finally placing mobile banking application development on top of their agendas.

If you are among the latter, this guide is for you. Below are the tips to develop a secure, intuitive and anticipated mobile banking app for your customers.

Understand What Drives The Mobile Banking Usage In The First Place

To get an accurate project cost quote from mobile banking app developers, you’ll need to come up with a list of product specifications first. Or simply speaking – a list of features you’d want for your app. Of course, those features should be based on the actual user demands, rather than your educated guesses.

Forrester recently investigated some of the common behavioral patterns among the mobile banking apps users:

  • 87% of respondents use the app to check their bank account balances and 74% to review a recent bank transaction.
  • Users, who opted to receive account alerts log into their app two more days per month, compared to those who opted out.
  • Yet, 90% of consumers admit that they opted out of receiving notifications as most of them are rather useless.

According to another survey conducted by The Financial Brand, you should build a mobile banking app with the following user needs in mind:


In general, before developing a mobile banking app, you should take the time to survey your customer base and narrow down the list of the most requested features. Then rank them regarding priority if your app development budgets are tight.

Settle on The Optimal Mobile Platform

Do you want to develop a banking app for Android or iOS first? That’s the next question you’ll receive from the developers.

Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons of each platform:

  • Android’s smartphone market share has hit 2% in Q2 2016. In October 2016 Android has constituted 75.2$ of EU5 smartphone sales, while iOS has accounted for 21.2%.
  • Yet, Apple still has more supporters in some of the highest paying markets including Japan (51.7% of smartphone sales), The UK (44%) and the US (40.5%).

Device Atlas has created a great map illustrating, where each platform prevails:

Now, let’s take a look at how the cost to develop a mobile banking application varies depending on the platform:

  • To build an Android app, developers should write 40% more code and tend to spend 28% more time working on the project in general.
  • The timeline extends mainly due to larger device fragmentation (there are some 1,500+ different Android gadgets on the market right now) and additional product/testing and debugging.
  • The app development price may also be higher if you choose to support older Android OS (as users tend to forget to update their gadgets in a timely manner).

iOS app development services usually take less time, especially if you choose to design an iPhone or iPad only app. And most Apple fans tend to keep their gadgets updates to the latest OS, which again reduces the timeline and the costs.

Plan For The Advanced Security

The biggest consumer barriers to m-banking adoption are the security concerns. In fact, 55% of consumers surveyed by Gallup admitted that they avoid using mobile financial solutions as they have doubts about the safety features.

Custom mobile apps for banks should ooze security. However, you’ll also need to strike a balance between those advanced security measures and the product’s usability. Here are a few tips for that:

  • You can enable Touch ID authentication to reduce the friction of typing passwords. The feature is also available for new MacBook Pros.
  • Log-out users automatically after N-minutes of inactivity.
  • Ask users to provide the password only to assess certain functionality (e.g. make a payment), and allow no password access for N minutes to popular features like viewing account balance.
  • Urge users to update the app regularly.
  • Implement additional security measures and authorization if the user suddenly accesses the app from an unusual location (without prior informing the bank). For instance, send one-time text passwords instead of asking to type in the app pass.
  • Always inform them about the important transactions via text/emails.
  • Allow users to set limits on payment transfers through the app.
  • Clearly state where your official mobile banking app can be downloaded as there were already some 65000 of malicious banking apps reported around the web.
  • Do not allow using and installing your apps on rooted devices as that increases the security risks.

If you have the budgets, biometrical authentication is rapidly becoming a new trend in mobile banking app development.

This year TD Bank Group and MasterCard decided to partner with Nymi – an innovative authentication solution provider. Together, they have developed a pilot wearable device that would authenticate payment transactions using the user’s unique heartbeat rate. Their pilot transaction has proved to be successful.

Design a Minimalistic and Attractive UX

The best route to ensure high user adoption is to ensure that your app is easy-to-use. And that seems to be not-so-common with mobile banking apps.

For instance, making a mobile deposit is quite challenging with certain banks:

Here are a few ideas to create a stellar user experience within your app:

  • Test, test, test. Before you roll out a new update or a new feature test your product ruthlessly. A few negative comments on the App Store can alienate a large number of users.
  • Offer customization based on frequent transactions. Create hotkey access shortcuts and feature the most commonly used features prominently on the main screen.
  • Personalization is important. Let users opt-in and out of the notifications/content, they wish to receive.
  • Include rich interactions and account for common mobile gestures like pinch, swipe, and rotate movements.

What Are The Mobile Banking App Development Costs?

So, what should you expect to pay for a good-looking and well-functioning mobile banking app?

According to Exicon, 15 of the leading US banks have spent over $80 million on developing some 606 mobile banking apps. That is roughly $132.000 for one business app.

Of course, there are no two same projects and the development costs will vary depending on:

  • The platform
  • Requested features
  • The region you choose to outsource to/local developers’ salaries.

The development timeline, according to Finextra report, is usually between 6 and 12 month (45% of respondents). Yet, 28% of banks manage to deploy an app in less than six months, while 22% need over a year to build a comprehensive solution.

About Author

Slava Bushtruk is CEO+Founder of Alty, Inc. He’s been in software and app development for nearly a decade with over 75 successful projects under his belt, ranging from startups to enterprise clients. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or shoot a quick hi at [email protected]

Super Mario Run is Crushing The App Charts with 40 Million Downloads in 4 Days

Despite being criticized for its requirement of Internet to let users play, Super Mario Run has launched-off with wild success. The app has completed more than 40 million downloads in the app store.

Mario’s creator, Nintendo revealed the install numbers today via a press release. According to Apple’s iOS App Store, the game has topped the “Free” chart in almost 140 countries. It should be noted that the game is -at the time of writing- available in 150 countries.

If we compare the hopping plumber’s journey on mobile phones to Pokemon Go, Mario looks way ahead. At the launch time, Pokemon Go completed 25 million downloads after 11 days of its initial launch. But it should be kept in mind that Pokemon Go was released in only a few select markets.

Now that Super Mario Run is available on iOS devices, Nintendo has revealed some plans to make it easy to access all different modes once they have installed the game on their devices.

Users can now play with friends in a Friendly Run mode; no one will need the ticket for it, but it will be limited to 5 players in a day.

Source: Sensor Tower

Nintendo has cleared that the game won’t be an iOS exclusive, but there is no date of Android release. It won’t be a surprise if we get to see the same record breaking installs on Google Play Store Too.

Have you played the game on your phone? How was it? Share with us in the comments below.

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Apple iOS 10.2 is Here With Some Improvements and New Emoji

Apple just released a new update to its iOS to the general public, while the update is not the greatest software of the year, it adds a few nifty features and some new emoji for users.

If you are an Apple TV user, you will want to take a look at the new TV app that tries to streamline the viewing experience. Instead of searching in various streaming apps for TV shows and movies, the TV app will let you search for content across almost all video streaming apps directly. The TV app with also come with  single-sign-in.

Apart from the TV app, iOS 10.2 has updates and improvements under the hood. The Photos and Music apps are now a bit faster and more stable. The Messages app has a couple more full-screen effects including one for new love; RAW photos support has also been added to the photos app.

And finally, probably the most notable additions to iOS 10.2 are the new emoji. The shruggie emoji is finally available on the keyboard to express the feeling directly instead of copy-pasting  ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

 shruggie emoji
Shruggie emoji

There are face palm, bacon, croissant, and a few more emoji too, for a complete list, you can head over to  Emojipedia. If you want a new emoji that is not currently included in Unicode, you should check out this.

ROFL Emoji
ROFL Emoji

Apple had been testing out the 10.2 since October 31, and now that the update is released, anyone with iOS 10 device can install it over-the-air.

Do you care about new emojis in iOS? Share with us in the comments below.

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Super Mario Run Won’t Work Without Internet

While everyone seems to be excited to control the hopping plumber on their phones, there is one weird requirement to play the game: You will need to be online.

Super Mario Run is going to be launched on December 15. And while everyone seems to be excited to control the hopping plumber on their phones, there is one weird requirement to play the game: You will need to be online.

Considering the game will keep the necessary data on local storage, being should not be a requirement for anyone. Games such as Temple Run have been running offline for years -yes, some functionality such the market place is unavailable, but you can still play the game.

Well, that won’t be the case with Super Mario Run. As Nintendo’s icon Shigeru Miyamoto told Mashable:

“[O]ur software [is] very important asset for us,” said Miyamoto. “We wanted to be able to leverage that network connection [to offer] the game in a way that keeps the software secure.”

So ultimately this step by Nintendo is to fight with piracy. It can’t be said if Nintendo will win for sure, but paying users are losing in some ways.

Nintendo first announced the game at Apple’s special event on September where the company revealed that gaming’s biggest icon is making its debut on smaller screen with an iOS game, later, the Japanese company also received that the games won’t be platform exclusive as it will launch on Android too.

If you are curious about how the game works and you want to take a sneak peak, you can go to an Apple Store nearby. And if you are too lazy to do that, here is a video of Miyamoto playing Super Mario Run while doing bicep curls.

How do you feel about Nintendo’s decision of requiring an internet connection to play the game? Share with others in the comments below.

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Google’s Android is Installed On 9 Out of 10 Mobile Devices

In last quaeter of the year, Google has shipped almost 326 million Android Devices, which is an impressive 10.3 percent increase over 2015.

Google Android has set a new record in terms of Mobile OS market share. In the third quarter of 2016, Android holds 87.5% of smartphone OS market share. For those who are bad at math, these numbers mean that if you pick 10 random smartphones in the market, 9 of them will be running on Google Android.

In the last quarter of the year, Google has shipped almost 326 million Android Devices, which is an impressive 10.3 percent increase over 2015. Last year, Android’s market share was 84.1 % which has increased more than 3% within a year.

Apple should start to worry about iOS

Now that Google has captured more than 87% of the market, Apple should start to worry. Even though iPhone 6S and 6S Plus broke sales records last year and iPhone 7 is selling well, iOS’ market share has shrunk to a mere 12.1 percent, which is 5.2 percent lower than last year’s market analysis.

With that said, other operating system’s such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Blackberry’s BB10‘s  have started to disappear completely with just 0.3% of market share (this includes all other mobile operating systems on the market).

When Apple removing the headphone jack from iPhone has annoyed users, Google is not missing any chance to win people who are abandoning iOS. The search giant recently launched Pixel phone’s  to compete in flagship market, apart from Pixel, India and China’s growing demand for low-cost smartphone is also a major reason of Google climbing on top of the OS market share graphs.

Source: Strategy Analytics