Google’s Android is Installed On 9 Out of 10 Mobile Devices

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Google Android has set a new record in terms of Mobile OS market share. In the third quarter of 2016, Android holds 87.5% of smartphone OS market share. For those who are bad at math, these numbers mean that if you pick 10 random smartphones in the market, 9 of them will be running on Google Android.

In the last quarter of the year, Google has shipped almost 326 million Android Devices, which is an impressive 10.3 percent increase over 2015. Last year, Android’s market share was 84.1 % which has increased more than 3% within a year.

Apple should start to worry about iOS

Now that Google has captured more than 87% of the market, Apple should start to worry. Even though iPhone 6S and 6S Plus broke sales records last year and iPhone 7 is selling well, iOS’ market share has shrunk to a mere 12.1 percent, which is 5.2 percent lower than last year’s market analysis.

With that said, other operating system’s such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Blackberry’s BB10‘s  have started to disappear completely with just 0.3% of market share (this includes all other mobile operating systems on the market).

When Apple removing the headphone jack from iPhone has annoyed users, Google is not missing any chance to win people who are abandoning iOS. The search giant recently launched Pixel phone’s  to compete in flagship market, apart from Pixel, India and China’s growing demand for low-cost smartphone is also a major reason of Google climbing on top of the OS market share graphs.

Source: Strategy Analytics