Facebook ‘Borrows’ Snapchat Features (Again)

facebook copies snapchat

Facebook is really, really impressed by Snapchat. So much that after cloning Snapchat stories and naming them Instagram Stories, the social network has cloned one more feature into its app.

The social networking giant recently announced Virtual Masks in live streams and the company is now testing some new photo effects and masks in its main camera app for still images and videos.

In other -simple- words, get ready for more face swaps on your facebook feed.

But it’s not a complete rip-off of Snapchat filters, the photos will disappear after 24 hours -unless someone comments on the photo to start a conversation. And, to make sure people notice the new feature, Facebook will place a camera icon on the top left of the main app.

But wait, Facebook has got inspiration from one more app

Apart from Snapchat, Facebook is also copying some features from photo editing app Prisma. In case you missed it, Prisma allows you to convert your photos into paintings.

It is worth knowing that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013, but CEO of Snapchat did not allow that.

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