No Man’s Sky, Probabbly the biggest game of year, is ready

no mam's sky

After spending many years in developments and many delays, No Man’s Sky is finally been finished.
This means that UK Based Studio Hello Games should be able to release the game on August 9 for North America. The game will released for PS4 and PC at the time. On 10th August, the game will be available on Europe and for UK the release date will be August 12.


In case you have no idea about it, No Man’s Sky is a really ambitious game that lets you wonder in the space where you will be discovering many planets and quests. The player’s goal in the game is to reach the center of the galaxy. You will be doing spaceship upgrades, deciphering languages of aliens and more. One of the most important part of game is that there are no rules to decide how you play the game.

Developers have said that the game will be massive, so massive that there will be almost 18 quintillion planet to explore and even if you go to a planet for one second, you will need more than 500 Billion years to see them all.
If it works, No Man’s Sky can be one of the greatest games ever made.