Someone Made A Door That Automatically Locks When You Open an Incognito Tab

incognito lock

Don’t you just hate when you are watching some ‘Educational Videos’ or ‘Doing some internet research’ and someone walks in. The situation can get really awkward if the person walking in is your Wife or Mom.

Well, to save you from these situation CEO of Useless Duck Company, Mike has made an Incognito Lock.

Built using Arduino Board, the small mechanism automatically locks your room’s door when you open any incognito window in Google Chrome.

The device is actually an Arduino PC that is connected to Mike’s computer, a self-written program runs on Mike’s Computer and it constantly checks if any Incognito Windows has been launched, whenever the Window is launched, the signal is sent to Arduino that ultimately Locks the door.

It’s not the only thing the company has made in its history, in past, the guy has made an Automatic toilet paper dispenser. If you are into more of these groundbreaking innovations, you can follow the company here.

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