iPhone 8 Will Blow Away The Samsung Galaxy S8 in Sales, Forecast Says

2017 02 11 09h38 08

Many Samsung enthusiasts might be waiting eagerly for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 but recent reports suggest that Apples next generation iPhone might affect Samsung’s sales adversely.

2017 03 01 17h02 49

Leaked render of Galaxy S8

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a new investor note. This note was focused entirely on Samsung’s device with a few details regarding the iPhone 8. It is predicted that the demand for Samsung Galaxy S8 will go down owing to the release of iPhone 8.

Kuo said that Samsung Galaxy S8 will lack attractive features that will hamper its demand thus ultimately pushing the customers to the new and improved iPhone 8. It is predicted by the analyst that Samsung Galaxy S8 will see lesser sale than the Galaxy S7.

Kuo also offered details regarding the iPhone 8 including that it will feature OLED display, wireless charging, new glass design, and function area. Many commented on the identical features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8. However, Kuo said that these features would benefit Apple more than Samsung.

While the iPhone will be unveiled in September, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is all set to make an entrance later this month.

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