OnePlus 5 Fails to Beat Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 in DxOMark Review

OnePlus 5

OnePlus launched the much rumored and long awaited OnePlus 5 last month and the company seemed to be proud of its new dual rear camera setup, so much so that almost all of companies promotions were centered around taking photos. Well, it looks like OnePlus 5 is not that good in terms of camera performance when compared to other flagship phones in the market. The phone was reviewed by DxOMark and it failed to score higher marks that Google Pixel and Galaxy S8.

The OnePlus 5 scored 85 which is actually a quite impressive number in terms of camera performance. The phone’s 87 score is higher than iPhone and LG V20 reviews. But the phone got beaten by Galaxy S8 (it has a score of 88 and Google Pixel (the phone has a score of 89) considering that OnePlus 5 is cheaper than almost all the phones in competition, the marks are still very good. In case you are wondering, the best DxOMark camera score for a smartphone belongs to recently launched HTC U11, which scored 90 in its test.

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DxoMark Scores of OnePlus 5

One takeaway from the test is that more rear camera’s don’t necessarily affect the performance in tests as GS8, Google Pixel, and U11 don’t have the feature but they win in terms of photo capture quality.

DxOMark said in the review that the camera, while performed admirably in general, tends to loose very find details in low-lighting conditions and images suffer from a ghosting effect sometimes in outdoor conditions. On the positive side, the review noted that phone maintains accuracy in white balance in all lighting condition and it has a consistently smooth autofocus even in darker environments.

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