Google Pixel 2 Performs Poorly in Stress Tests

Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, both long-awaited flagship smartphones that began sale in the United States just recently. And simultaneously, the testers have done their job during the last week to provide us with key information about the phone and its supposed quality in numerous departments – if it matches the boasts or not.

In case of durability, it seems that Pixels has not made a mark. While Samsung, Nokia, and iPhone can still boast of beastly tuff smartphones, Google’s new arrival fails to impress as expected.

It’s not that bad, but not too good either as the tests show Google could definitely build the phone big better.

iFixit is notorious for testing the durability of new phones. And ripping apart devices to peep inside them. They corseted Pixel 2 XL handset. And demonstrated its engineering that Google has implemented.

They have placed a couple of “strain gauges” steel blocks with resistors between them – on both sides of the phone that detect the pressure to trigger Google Assistant.

iFixit says “As you squeeze, the outer row of gauges should be shortened, while the inner row is lengthened. This gives the Pixel software a larger absolute deflection to detect and measure to trigger the feature,” HTC has manufactured the Pixel 2 XL smartphone, performed the same engineering marvel in the HTC U11 flagship smartphone that was launched earlier this year.

A self-designed SoC is inside the phone. A surprising part is that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones feature two SoCs. Pixel Visual Core chip releases Android 8.1 software update and Google says Pixel Visual Core will improve the camera capabilities.

No antenna bands, it seemed first but teardown showed that they are inside. iFIxit also says it was nice to see that many components inside the Google Pixel 2 XL are modular. The screws are Philips #00, that you will get in any repair stores. However, DIY enthusiasts can have some disappointment if they want to replace the display which is “thin and poorly supported,” also the battery is “walled-in.”

iFixit gave the phone 6 out of 10 to Pixel 2, which is quite average compared to its tough competition.

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Google Finally Launches Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 With Powerful Cameras and Faster Hardware

After countless leaks, the search giant launched Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2 to take on Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as key competitors on October 4th. Both the phones house a 12.2-megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and optical and electronic image stabilization. The front 8-megapixel camera has a f/2.4 aperture.

While display size and battery capacity are perhaps the only key differences between the two phone versions. Google has also chopped off the 3.5mm Audio Jack, although there will be an included dongle if you want to use your old headphones.

Pixel 2 has a 2700mAh battery and XL-2 has a 3520mAh. And in the camera department, DxOMark score for Pixel camera 98 which takes back the crown from iPhone 8 launched just a couple of weeks ago.

The Pixel 2 is a 5-inch Cinematic 127-mm full-HD (1080×1920) display and Pixel 2 XL will come with a 6-inch QHD+ (2880 x 1440) P-OLED at 538ppi with 18:9 ratio. Both are3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and the phone runs on Android 8.0.0 Oreo powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and 4GB of RAM. In terms of storage, there will be 2 versions:64GB and 128G.

Those gadgets by Google are a manifesto for what Android smartphones should be like. Google is forwarding to hold a better control over the devices in the market, and Pixel series is going to be its key mark for assuring so.

It will be interesting to see how the phone performs on market though, Pixel has low supply issues last year and let’s just hope that Google has taken care of the problem.

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Google is Making A Laptop Called Pixelbook

Alongside with its much-anticipated Pixel Phones, Google is heading on to launch its new high-end Pixelbook, a handy notebook running on Google designed OS that is equipped with all Google applications as well as Playstore to explore a whole wide range of tools. And just before the company’s upcoming event, it has leaked out via electronics reseller Synnex, who revealed some information about Pixelbook at 9to5Google.

The laptop will have a 12.3-inch display with Intel Core i5 series processors. Leaks claim that three models, ranging between 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB will be there. A separate leak by Droid Life expects that respective costs would be $1,199, $1,399, and $1,749.

Pixelbook’s owning a different Core i5 processors for the different models is still vague. Google may have plans to use the older seventh-generation cores or the recent eighth-generation chips. Both cases are equally possible and the scenario is equally obscure for now.

However, we are soon to find it out as the Pixelbooks launches tomorrow. Then there is a surprise. Synnex listing has also given an idea of ‘Google Clips’. Those are deemed to be ‘computer accessory’. We have no further information about what those are and what those are supposed to do.

So tomorrow it may come out as a regular launching event, or it may be a new announcement of new advancement from Google in the new realm of technology. Considering the last attempt of creating a productivity machine from Google – The Pixel C- did not do so well, it will be interesting to see what Google has to offer this time.

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Google’s Pixel 2 Leaks Just Before The Official Launch

Google is launching its Pixel 2 series of phones today in just some hours and it looks like the leaks just can’t stop coming. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL leaked again today just before the launch as Evan Blass shared images of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The info claims that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are manufactured by HTC and LG respectively.


The Pixel XL will have an 18:9  screen aspect ratio, a highlight of the handset. The Pixel 2, on the other hand, will come with a 5-inch full-HD display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Both the handsets will sport dual speakers at the front – one above and another below the display.

The Google Search bar is now at the bottom of the screen. Tough to reform the habit but is a better placement considering the fingers easily reach the lower part. The app icons are rounded, similar to Android Nougat version. Android 8.0 Oreo will come preinstalled out-of-the-box.

Both smartphones have Snapdragon 835, similar to other Android flagships launched this year.

Other rumored specifications include 4GB of RAM; 64 or 128 GB storage options, and 12-megapixel rear camera. The home screen seems to have also received a slight revamp and includes calendar details such as a scheduled meeting alongside weather, and time information. New Pixel hardware is overhauled totally.

Pixel will be priced at $649 (roughly Rs. 42,000) for the 64GB and $749 (roughly Rs. 49,000) for the 128GB version. The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, will be priced at $849 (roughly Rs. 55,750) and $949 (roughly Rs. 62,250) for the 64GB and 128GB versions. It will be interesting to see how both phones compare to the iPhone X that was launched just a few weeks ago.

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Google Pixel XL 2 Leaks Right Before Launch

Google has already announced that it will be launching the next Pixel phones on October 4, which happens to be tomorrow. We have already seen a lot of info and renders of the phone and now, an image leak gives us a clear idea of two variant colors of Pixel smartphones that are B&W and Black only. The website also informed that the Pixel 2 XL will be priced at US$849 for the 64GB variant and US$949 for the 128GB. As Google earlier hinted at a solution for phone storage, there may be a microSD card slot.

Google is offering to finance both the phones. The 64GB Pixel 2 XL will cost US$35.38 per month over 24 months and the 128GB version will cost US$39.54 per month over 24 months.

Credit: DroidLife

Pixel 2 XL is to have a 5.99-inch QHD display with 18:9 aspect ratio and minimal bezels.

The smaller variant, the Pixel 2 will have a 4.99 inch 1920 x 1080 resolution display with the same thick bezels around the display like last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB RAM are expected and we can also hope the phone to come with  Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. In fact, the Pixel phones are the first devices in line to receive Android P update next year. 3.5mm headphone jack is missing against USB-C port. Also, both the phones will have a single-camera setup. If last year’s Pixel cameras are anything to go by, the new phones will have a great camera performance.

In 2016, India was among the first 6 countries to receive the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and same is expected this year. It will be interesting to see how Google’s next phone compares to the Apple’s new and expensive iPhone X.

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No! There is No Google Ultra Pixel Phone

Google’s new Pixel phones will be launching this week. There have already been many leaks revealing many details about the phone but a rumor followed after a leaked series of images and videos demonstrating of an “Ultra Pixel” smartphone. The rumor maintained that there will be three-pixel devices, the Pixel, the Pixel XL and the Ultra Pixel to compete with the respective iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

However, the leak is debunked as by those who designed the concept and made the rendered video. Youtuber BRECCIA who was the “leaker” of the “Ultra Pixel” has just put out a video on how the world believed his concept, and was also proud that big international Youtubers were considering his designs to be real. So…. It was all a prank that had the market wave trembling.

Prolific leaker @evleaks and @Onleaks too denied the possibility of the “Ultra Pixel”.

It got a bit ugly when ended up being a big troll in the face of today’s online journalism which has become more mainstream than most would expect. And hailed as a prime example of fake news in the tech world.

“Ultrapixel” is anyways an HTC trademark. Google may have an Ongoing deal with HTC, it will take months, and Google will not be able to use HTC’s trademark.

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Almost All Details About Google Pixel 2 Got Leaked Before Launch

Google’s second stream in Pixel flagship is due to its launch on October 4. And prior to that we already have our hands on its specifications, thanks to leaks from Android Authority, which also added that second-generation Pixel smartphone customers will get unlimited Google Cloud storage until 2023. And it is possible that this storage is not limited to images and videos but all files – an unsure wild guess puts.

Credit: Droid Life

Variants will share most of the specifications but the larger of the two will have narrower bezels. Its screen-to-body ratio is 80-85 percent and a QHD Curved Gorilla Glass 5 display with support for wide color gamut. The Smaller one is expected to come with a regular design to last year’s model. It will feature a full-HD display with Gorilla Glass 5 on top. Also bigger, Pixel XL 2 will have 3520mAh battery while the smaller Pixel 2 is expected to come with a 2700mAh battery.

Now that we are done with the key differences between the models, let’s see the specifications that are expected to feature on both handsets. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones are expected to run Android 8.0 Oreo out-of-the-box, be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, apart from featuring IP67 dust and water resistance rating. The handsets have been tipped to come with Pixel Cameras with OIS at front and back, and a dedicated ‘Google Imaging Chip’.

Two storage variants 64GB and 128GB are availed with dual front-facing stereo speakers. But unfortunately, as was the news, the 3.5mm headphone jack is unavailable. ‘Active Edge’ sense feature, previously been seen on HTC U11 smartphone which allows users to perform certain actions by squeezing the handset’s frame from the sides, is also a function of Pixel devices.

Notably, Google has recently acquired the HTC division that was working on the Pixel smartphones.

Finally, eSIM card slot, which allows users to connect to different networks without replacing the SIM card, much like the Apple Watch Series 3, is also a bulging feature to adding glory of pixel phones. Considering the Pixel 2 phones will be competing with iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, it will be interesting to see if Google can pull off the same positive reviews its Pixel got last year.

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Someone Made An App That Lets You Get The ‘Best’ iPhone X Feature On Android

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must already know about the new iPhone X that Apple released a few days ago. Among its bezel-less display and the one grand US dollar price, the most notable difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X is that the latter has a notch on the top that houses all of its facial recognition sensors. And before the iPhone X is out there in the market, there is a way to turn your Android into it. Just kidding, not really but something else is invented by a bored programmer that gives people a pleasure of perverting their Android.

iPhone X has that very noticeable and at times enviable notch at the top of display making it gorgeous in its own way. However, Android is popular for its immense customization so Android finds its way through an app that gives a similar notch to whichever device you are using.

Developed by GitHub user idoideas, XOutOf10 is a funny app simulating the iPhone X notch on practically any Android handset. As it claims, the idea saves you $999 straight away.

Check out how the notch looks – and precisely how noticeable it is. You can download the XOutOf10 APK from this link in order to run the quirky app. Just Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above will be required to get it up and running.

This is how perhaps fashion industry runs making people adopt styles from celebrities and stars. But we wonder if really Android anytime needs to look like iPhone? There are powerful and adorable sets in upcoming Android lineup that have guts to make iPhone feel ancient. Heck, the recently launched Essential Phone from Android’s father Andy Rubin even has a notch. 

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It’s Confirmed: LG is Making The Google Pixel 2

As Google’s next leap in its Pixel flagship is to reach us, we finally know which company will actually manufacture the phone. While HTC was in the ahead in the run at some time, it looks like rumors about LG making the phone are true as recent documents published by the FCC and some spying from Droid Life’s Kellen Barranger confirm.

There is not much other info in those documents though, yet they confirmed the Pixel 2 XL will support T-Mobile’s new LTE frequency band, Band 71 giving better access in remote rural areas and in thick concrete buildings.

Leaked image of Google Pixel 2 | Credit: Android Authority
Leaked image of Google Pixel 2 | Credit: Android Authority

Droid Life assures us that the device they show is Google Pixel 2 XL as it had model number listed, which is G011C. As we know the number of Pixel 2 is G011A.

As for a missing number G011B, Droid Life speculates that it is HTC-made Pixel 2 XL model codenamed Muskie which is terminated in June and has no plans further. Google’s Pixel 2 has been leaked more than once in recent months, and we can be sure that Pixel 2 will be the first Google phone to come pre-installed with Android O.

Just a week ago, Google confirmed that the Pixel 2 will be launched in the first week of October. We wait now for October 4 to visit those LG manufacturerd Google Devices ready for consumers.

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Get Hyped: Google Will Launch Google Pixel 2 On October 4

After the recently launched iPhone X by Apple, Pixel 2 is possibly one of the most important phone launches of the year. We have seen tons of leaks about the phone in past, but Google has been keeping mum for the most time. However, it looks like the search giant is preparing to launch the phone soon. Google professed an October 4 release with no details. In a teaser is make a remark, “Thinking about changing phones? Stay tuned for more on October 4.” A launch Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL smartphones? Don’t know yet!

And Google is now putting Billboards in Boston,”Ask more of your phone. Oct. 4″

The teaser comes in timing around iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X releasing. Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are in the highest premium flagship rivaling Apple. So that’s what most people are thinking. But such a puzzling thing it is, for we already know about Pixels, and it sounds something more.

And on the web, there is a separately published video teaser, is found below. The teaser imagines users typing in several questions about their smartphones into the search engine, lamenting poor battery life, blurry photos, lack of storage, dumbness, inability to auto-update, and bad performance.

So Pixel 2 series will not be affected by those? is that what it says? Silence!

Nonetheless, We are almost sure that Pixels will have Snapdragon 835 SoC as we know, the best-in-class from Qualcomm, which has openly expressed their preference to Android in contrast to others – obviously it is Apple they pointed to.

So this is how the new teaser is teasing everyone in the market. Many suggest that it can be a trumpet for an entirely new stuff added to Pixel, or a major revelation. So for now, we got to have a little patience.

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