Parents Can Now Track (And Control) Kid’s Android Device Usage Thanks To Google

2017 03 16 18h55 33

Google has recently launched a new Android App called Family Link. This new app will give parents better control on their child’s Android usage. This app will let the parents manage what their kids download from Google Play Store, how much time they spend on the app and also let them set a bedtime for their kids.

2017 03 16 18h55 33

The Family link app basically helps a parent keep a control on their child’s browsing habits. The parent can simply create a Google account for their child and then monitor it via the Family Link app. Parents have the authority to approve or block what their kids download from the Google Play Store. The Family Link app will also remotely locks your kid’s device when it’s time to study or sleep giving the parents control on the Android device.

Presently the Family Link app is available only for US users on Android Nougat or higher, and that too by invitation. Additionally,  your child must be under 13 for you to enable the Family Link supervision. If you are located in the US and have a kid under 13, you can request an invite on the Family Link page.

2017 03 16 18h55 21

A Google team that launched Uptime for the iOS has now launched Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger. It is basically a chat messenger app for Android and iOS. It highlighting feature being that it allows voice communication via microphone button. The message will disappear after the recipient hears it. Additionally, the voice message can also be transcribed if the recipient does not want to hear it out loud.

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