Google May Add an Ad-Blocker To Chrome Soon

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In a very surprising move, Google may introduce native ad blocking on its browser on both mobile and desktop platforms. The search giant is known to make a lot of money from advertising itself. People familiar with the matter say that this step is done to keep other ad blocking tools in check. This will be a welcome news for Android users as the browsers version for Android doesn’t support ad blocking natively or as an extension.

Google is planning to introduce ad blocking feature on Chrome which can be switched on by default to block those ads that have been listed as unacceptable by the users as per a list released by released by Coalition for Better Ads last month, as per a report by WSJ. According to the released list by the industry group, ad types including “pop-up ads, prestitial ads, ads with density greater than 30%, flashing animated ads, auto-play video ads with sound, poststitial ads with countdown, full-screen scrollover ads, and large sticky ads” were described to be “beneath the initial Better Ads Standard.”

Google has taken this step to introduce native ad blocking with the aim to deal with third party ad blocking tools, people familiar with the matter told WSJ. By releasing its own ad blocking tool Google aims at stopping people from installing other tools as extensions.

It should be entitled that Google is a part of “Acceptable Ads” program by Eyeo GmbH (the company behind popular AdBlock Plus tool) that allows ads to appear on browsers. Considering Googles popularity if it introduces this feature then it may pose a big problem for all the third party ad blocking tools. Apple had enabled ad blocking on its mobile operating system with iOS 9 in 2015.

This move will be a relief to the Android users as preloaded Chrome app is a popular choice for the users and with it comes popups and download requests, often malicious. Google is long overdue in the implementation of ad blocking tools.

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