Google Just Added A Ton of New Features to Allo, Even Though Not Many People Care

Google Allo

Although Google Allo is not a very popular chat application yet, Google hasn’t given up on this venture. The company just updated the app with some new features, hoping that it will be able to lure some more users into using the messaging app.

Among the many new introductions in the Allo app one is animated emoticons. To send an animated emoji, the user will have to press and hold the send button then drag up to “to see it come to life,” as said by Google. Currently, ten emojis support the animation feature in the app.

Another update to the Allo messaging service is a dedicated icon to call upon the Google Assistant. Earlier users had to type Google within
the text field to summon the assistant. Now there will be a dedicated icon which the user will simply tap to call upon the assistant. This feature will likely attract more customers to the Allo app, as it will be easier and faster to use now. “We’re adding a shortcut to make it quicker and simpler to bring the Google Assistant into chats with friends,” the search giant said in its blog post.


Another feature makes it easier to search for GIF inside the Allo app. To look for suitable GIF images, the user will click the smiley icon in the chat bar and swipe towards left side till they reach to the extreme right. Then they will find the option to Pull for GIFs. From there they can start searching for the GIFs by typing in the text field. This makes it easier to look for GIF while you are in conversation with someone right inside the Allo app. Google has also added ‘Lucky’ to the Allo app with sends random GIFs to your friends.

The update is available for Android and will roll out for iOS soon Google said. We will have to wait and see how many new users this update will be able to attract to Allo.

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