Suck At Selfies? Let this Bot Tell You.

suck at selfie

My WordPress editor underlines the word selfie as a wrong spelling and suggests me to replace it with Selfish. Well, it doesn’t matter that WordPress gets it right or not, selfies are a bit thing now a days.

Thousands of people making duck face in front of a tiny mobile camera (no offence, please)  this is definitely not what Inventors of camera were hoping people to do with their invention.

However, taking great selfies is a not so easy task but fear not, now humanity has a bot to tell us if our selfies are good or not.

Enter the Selfie Adviser…

Andrej Karpathy, has created a Bot on Git Hub that runs on Twitter. One you tweet a photo mentioning @deepselfie, it will analyze your Photo and tell you how good you are  at selfies by tweeting it to you.

There is some serious stuff behind the process. First, the developer analysed more than 5 Million Photos on social media which were tagged #selfie.

Later, the bot was developed after analysing these selfies with their likes and shares. The bot gives each Selfie a score which is based on the looks, lighting and several other things.

The major outcome is that if you want to be good on selfies, you have to be a woman. No kidding, generally Women’s get better results.

These are some tips to get better Selfies (as a outcome by bot):

  • Photos having face on one third area are better.
  • Less forehead will help in getting good selfies.
  • Use Instagram filters, simple B&W work good too.
  • Extra saturation on face will result in impressive selfies.

And these are 3 things you should not do to get good selfies:

  • Don’t take group selfies
  • Avoid Low lighting
  • Do not frame your head too large.

If you wish, you can see the GitHub page here.

What was your result? Share with us on the comments below…

Featured Image Credit:  davitydave on Flickr