Looks Like Google’s Head Of Design Doesn’t Like Windows 10

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Windows 10 has made many people happy and many not so happy.
Now, Matias Duarte, the Google’s Head of Design has made it clear that he is not liking the way Windows 10 works. According to Matias, it is just like Windows XP that was released 10 years ago.

He made a couple of tweets on his twitter account after setting up his new Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Looks Like Google's Head Of Design Doesn't Like Windows 10

The comments do matter considering Matias is the one of the major minds behind Google’s Material Design Principal. He has worked on the UX and UI front of Google Android and other Google Products.

However, his mocking seems right at some point, considering Android has revamped many times since Microsoft released Windows XP in 2002.

He did not say about one particular app/software in Windows 10 that he is unhappy about, rather he just said that Windows 10 is just like a software 10 Years ago. Google’s Material design is just being loved by users whereas people are not too fond of Microsoft’s Don’t call it Metro Visual Style.

And perhaps the biggest reason is the inconstancy in UI elements and Microsoft not being able to update all icons and other components to modern standards. It is plain obvious that users can still find tons of screens and dialog boxes still looking like they are from Windows 95.

After firing up a debate on Windows 10 on twitter, he made it clarified that he does not have problem with how Windows 10 looks. Rather he is not liking the way Windows 10 works.

Matias Duarte

That must have given Microsoft and Satya Nadela a burn.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft defends himself and his flagship OS from these attacks.

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