55 Facinating Facts About Google in One Infographic

google facts infograpgic

You probabbly use Google Search everyday. Heck, you may have come to this page from a Google. search result. But do you know everything about Google ?
Google has been the king of internet for a long time, ever since the company came to market, it has become a synoname of Searching on the internet.
There are a lot of cool and fascinating facts about the internet giant that you may not know about. Folks at bargainfox have created a great infographic that covers 55 interesting facts about the company, its origin and its products.

Click on the image to view it in full size.

google facts infographic

How many of the facts did you already know? is there any other fact about Google that was not in the infographic and you want to share with others? Drop us in the comments below.

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