Hydrogen One is The Craziest Phone I Have Seen This Year

2017 07 09 08h31 51

We have covered some ridiculous phones in recent months, there was world’s smallest phone called Jelly and a few days ago, we took a look at some of the most expensive phones in the market. But I think Red’s Hydrogen One is probably the craziest phone to come out this year.

In case you didn’t know, Red is one of the most popular camera makers. The company specializes in making high quality (and also high priced) video cameras that can shoot in up to 8K. On 6th July, the company announced its first phone called Hydrogen One. The phone will be, as the company says, “the world’s first holographic media machine.”

In its blog post, the company discussed phone’s display, camera, and sound support and claimed that the phone will support mods, just like LG G6 and Google’s now-dead Project Ara.

2017 07 09 08h31 51

The phone will have a “Retina-riveting display which will supposedly be able to spring between 3D and 2D modes automatically.  The company also said that it will make a place where it will offer “4-view holographic content”.

Interestingly, the company only shared the phone’s photo from the back side, but it is clear that phone will come with a USB-C port, a MicroSD card, and a 3.5mm Audio Jack. The phone will run Android with some added features. It will work with Red’s professional camera program and it will have a similar UI and monitor capability as the Red Epic Dragon Cameras.

Apart from the info above, the company said that the phone will cost $1195 for the Aluminium version (almost Rs 77,000) which is far more than even the most expensive flagship phones. There will be a titanium version too, which will cost a mind-boggling $1565 (almost 103K INR) Release date is not clear yet, but US readers can expect it to be around the first quarter of 2018.

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