Samsung Just Slashed The Prices of Galaxy S8+ 6GB RAM Version

2017 07 08 16h43 24

It was not a long ago when Samsung released a high RAM version of Galaxy S8+ in the country to compete with other flagships, the upgraded phones had a little higher price tag, but included a 6GB of RAM (bumped up from standard 4GB RAM) and 128 GB of storage, just yesterday, the company announced some prices drop on the high specs variant of phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Instead of costing $1160 (Rs 75,000) in India, the top tier Galaxy S8+ will sell for $1183 (Rs 70000) It is not clear if the price drop is permanent or temporary and the reason is competition or GST (Apple also recently announced price drop in iPhones and MacBooks because of GST applications). A local retailer claimed on Twitter that the price changes are in MOP, if it is true, we can be sure that it is a permanent price cut.

No matter what the reasons are, it’s a letter bit better to buy S8+ for the users now that the phone is slightly cheaper.  Interestingly enough, the changes on Price tags are only on Samsung’s official online store and in retail stores, at the time of writing, the phone sells for the same old price on Flipkart.

It may be possibe that Samsung wants to show the phone as a better competitor as similorly specced, but cheaper OnePlus 5. The price drop may also be due to other reasons, I will update the post, if there is any more information about it.

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