This Putin-Trump Edition Nokia 3310 is The Worst Way to Spend $2,500 (Rs 1,60,000)

2017 07 09 17h05 52

What can be a better way to waste money on a $2000 phone? Buy a $2500 one. The ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition of Nokia 3310 from Russian phone customiser Caviar is released just before the meeting between the presidents of US and Russia at G20 international forum. It is available at $2,468 (roughly Rs. 1.6 lakhs) and owns a luxurious leather casing made with ‘Black Velvet’.

This Nokia device   which has all the similar specs to regular model is specially made of hardened titanium with a pattern of “Damascus steel” which represents “the protection of justice.” The gold plated circular emblem with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin portraits are a plus as the definitive feature of the phone.

Caviar Royal Gift, says that the gold plaque containing the portraits of two presidents symbolizes their “common desire for progress in US-Russia relations.”

2017 07 09 17h05 52

While Caviar has also started selling an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus modeled on Putin-Trump Summit, it’s the Nokia that’s getting the spotlight for now. G-20 summit, after all, is a mark of the first official meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, two of the world’s most infamous autocrats. Therefore, Russian luxury company doesn’t miss to celebrate the occasion by pushing a special edition Nokia 3310 with their gold plated faces carving a memory of the event in the gadget market.

Considering the phone is the same Nokia 3310 reboot launched a few months ago, which costs around $55, dropping over two grand on a phone that has face of Trump and Putin permanently engraved on it might just be a really, terribly, stupidly rich thing to do. But hey, who wouldn’t want that phone in their pockets.

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