This is the crazy Nokia 3310 in Gold And Titanium and it costs Rs 1,13,000 ($1695) Only

2017 03 08 09h14 57

Nokia reintroduced its Nokia 3310 version, and it was received with a lot of interest and excitement by the world. It is supposed to be a multimedia budget phone. And now a Russian firm has launched a premium model of the Nokia 3310 that comes with Gold and Titanium in its material. The premium Nokia 3310 has Russian President Vladimir Putin’s faces on the back of it and a quote from their national anthem.

2017 03 08 09h14 57

The Vladimir Putin version of the Nokia 3310 cost a staggering RUB 99,000 in Russia, which roughly translates to Rs 1,13,200. This decked up variant is called the ‘Supremo Putin’ version of the Nokia 3310.

The new Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin variant is available in black with Gold plating, dotted titanium housing, and Putin’s face in gold on the back. Just below Putin’s face is the Russian Nation Anthem embossed on a gold plate.

2017 03 08 09h15 08

The Russian firm Caviar that has made this premium version of the Nokia 3310 specializes in premium models of various products. The Vladimir Putin Variant of Nokia 3310 will come in a red box. All the specifications of the phone will be the same.

The launch of Nokia 3310 will take place in India somewhere near the end of May. It will work just fine in India at it works on currently supported network bands. However, the device will be useless in many places, like Canada and the US that do not support old bands like 900MHz and 1800MHz.

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