How To Download Any Video From Internet (Easily)

Here are some of the easiest ways of downloading videos from internet.

Videos have become important parts of our life. Saving most of the stuff from the internet is quite easy, Images and Webpages can be saved just with some key-strokes and most documents, and other files are downloaded automatically from the website.

The same is not the case with videos. Downloading video from the internet can be easy, and it can also sometimes become a bit complicated. It depends on the Video format and also the process varies from a website to website. In this post, we will discuss some of the best ways to download any video from Internet.

Please note that some videos may be copyright protected, and you should take care of this before downloading and using any video from the internet.

Using a Dedicated Video Downloader Application

The Internet is full of software that has options for this. YouTube By Click is a simple tool that lets you download videos for Free; you can also convert videos to MP3 or other file formats. Just copy the video URL and Paste it into the App; the Video is then downloaded automatically.

YouTube By Click
YouTube By Click also supports downloading videos from Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Apart from this, you can also take a look at 4K Video Downloader; it is simple to use and provides a similar feature set.

4k video downloader
4K Video Downloader

Downloading Flash Videos

Flash is ridiculously old technology, but it is still employed in tons of websites. While all Flash videos are played using Adobe Flash plugin, it does not provide any direct option to download the video from the site. To download any flash video from a website, it is much easy to install an Extension for a web browser.

For Google Chrome, you should try Flash Video Downloader. For Mozilla Firefox check-out this.

If you are using Microsoft Edge, you are out-of-luck for now as it does not have support for any browser extension.

Downloading HTML5 Videos

If you are using, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Downloading HTML5 videos can be easy (in rare cases, I should add). If you are using a website that uses HTML5 videos, you can try to save a video by simply right-clicking the video and choosing “Save As” option from the context menu.

It does not work on all websites, but it is worth a try as it takes much less time.

Downloading Videos using a Download Manager

Most download managers have support for downloading videos from the internet. Some work by simply let you paste the URL of the web page and some download managers (such as IDM) support directly downloading videos whenever such page is opened.

Once you have installed a download manager, just look for the appropriate option on the App.

Related: Best Download Managers For Windows and Android

Best download managers- free download manager

Downloading Videos using Web-Sites

Websites such as YouTube and Facebook, don’t provide any option to download videos. To download videos from these sites, you can use a website such as

To download any videos from a supported website, simply paste the URL of the video and choose the resolution that suits you.

Saving Videos for Offline Use

It is not exactly same as downloading the video, but in many cases, you are better off by saving the video into your device temporarily. YouTube’s Android and iOS app have options to save videos to watch them offline.

Simply, look for a download icon below the video.

Apart from YouTube, You can also save video for offline viewing if you are using Amazon Instant Video. Sadly, Netflix does not have any way of saving video for offline viewing, but we may see it in the near future.

How Do you Download Videos from Internet?

In above paragraphs, we discussed some ways of downloading internet videos, if you know about any other way of doing it, share with others in the comments below.

This is The Best News App for Android Lockscreen

Recently launched app Called Corgi for Feedly focuses on the news but takes an approach similar to Facebook home. It is a news app for Android Lockscreen.

Mobile app makers have tried lockscreen news app in past, Facebook itself made an app called Facebook home to show news feed on the Android lock screen.

Recently launched app Called Corgi for Feedly focuses on the news but takes an approach similar to Facebook home. It is a news app for Android Lockscreen.

news app for andoid lockscreen
Corgi for Android

As obvious, the App has the support of importing news alerts from Feedly, after the app installation, a user can sign-in to the Feedly account to see the news feed in Android lockscreen. Users who have not signed into the Feedly service can still use the app. In this case, the App pulls News content from Corbi’s selected news content.

Corbi focuses more on simplicity than on Advanced Features. Using the App is pretty simple. On the lock screen, you can swipe Up to unlock the phone or you can swipe left to go to the news feed. Instagram users can also see their feeds in the news section using the log-in option in the App.

Corgi Magazine Demo

Although it is not the only news app for Android, Corgi has some cool features to make it favorite of news junkies. The app has positive reviews so far. It requires Android 4.4 or above to run and it weights 11 MB.

How do you get news on your phone? do you use Apps or you just open a website? share with us in the comments below.

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Amazon is Finally Revamping The Home Screen of Kindle

Finally, Amazon will be releasing an update to improve the Home Screen of the Kindle Ebook reader tablets. The update will be releasing this month.

Kindle has been getting many hardware updates over last few years but the core user interface has always been left untouched. granted that it was good for users who liked the ubiquity across Kindle Versions but it was also criticised for being non-customizable.

Finally, Amazon will be releasing an update to improve the Home Screen of the Kindle Ebook reader tablets.

The update will be releasing this month. It will improve upon a significant part of the current UI of the Ebook reader.

Major Improvements

The Home screen will now contain recent books section on the upper left area of the screen. There will be a Library button to see the list of all available books. There will also be a Downloaded button on the screen to see the books that are already stored on the device.

Amazon is also adding a “My Reading Lists” section on the home screen. It will sit on the upper right hand of the screen and will contain a list containing items from the Amazon wish list and the downloaded samples. Users of Goodreads can find their books in here too.

Kindle home screen update

A recommendation area will also be there. Aside from that a toolbar on the top side will add quick settings that are used frequently by the user.

The Update is made for the Kindle Paperwhite (2013 and 2015), Kindle Voyage and the Kindle (2014).


Your New Computer Needs These Free Software

Here are some of the best free software for new computer to make you feel like home and to make sure that the PC keeps running fast for a long time.

Just got a new PC or Laptop and wondering what should you install first? No worries, here are some of the best free software for new computer to make you feel like home and to make sure that the PC keeps running fast for a long time.


We have talked about this PC cleaning utility before in our best free software list. CCleaner is  no-frills PC cleanup software that makes sure that you don’t have any unwanted crap in the PC. Made by Piriform, it really shines at removing history and traces of other software from your PC.

Aside from junk cleanup, it also has some really nice features such as registry cleaning, disk wiping and more.

There are alternatives available but CCleaner is the best cleanup software for new computer



Social Networking Apps

Windows 8 and later versions of Windows have a dedicated App store ( called Windows Store) to install many apps. Some of the most useful of them are social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Some will say that you can just use websites to do that, but believe me, it is better to do that via apps.

One major advantage is the Push notifications and system integrations of these services.

Microsoft OneNote

No matter how you want to ignore Microsoft’s Paid Office suite, Office OneNote is arguably the best note-taking app in the world. OneNote is totally free and unlike Evernote, you are not supposed to pay a monthly fee. It has absolutely no ads and the PC client is perfect for any kind for notes.

OneNote is really good at capturing and organizing notes. Dedicated apps are available for almost all platforms and web version works fine too.

Microsoft OneNote

Google Photo Backup

It may be an odd thing to install first on a PC, but it really works. Google Photos stores unlimited photos in the cloud for free. As long as you can live your life with Videos at 1080p and photos at 16MP, you don’t need to pay Google a dime.

Install it, sign-in using your Google Account and tell the app that where you keep your photos. It will be watching those folders and backing up them on the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about them when your wife goes crazy on your little brittle laptop.


Have huge music collection but hate iTunes? Don’t worry, MusicBee is here to save your ass. It is a music management and music playing program that does its job perfectly. The UI is good for a seasoned PC user ( it is not complex for noobs either)

Open the app, scan your PC for music files and you are ready for the next party at your home. MusicBee is good at creating and managing playlists and once you set it up, it can organize your music automatically.

K-Light Codec Pack

It just sucks when a media player can play some kind of file. K-Lite Codec Pack will take care of that, it includes codecs for almost all media formats and containers. The included Media Player Classic works well and plays the media( especially videos) perfectly.


uTorrent is filled with ugly ads and BitTorrent is the almost same case, qBitTorrent is one hell of a software at downloading your perfectly legal  ;) torrents. qBitTorrent is open source and it actively updated.

It does not have all bells and whistles of other ad-supported or paid alternatives, but it does its job of downloading torrents as fast as possible.

software for new computer- qbittorrent

Search Everything

It does exactly what the name says, Search Everything is a small and dead simple program that lets you search for files and folders within your computer. The special thing about Search Everything is, it is fast, really fast.

Once you have installed it you will soon forget about Windows Search.

Instant Results are similar to Google Search.

software for new computer- search everyhing

TrueCrypt 7.1a

Nobody wants his/her personal files to be seen by other people, TrueCrypt encrypts them to keep them safe from prying eyes.

TrueCrypt is no longer actively developed but I think it is safe enough to use for personal daily use. Please keep in mind to download the 7.1a version, not the 7.1b because the latter will only let you decrypt the disks.

software for new computer- truecrypt


Forget the WinRAR, that is old, limited and wants your money. Do yourself a favor and install 7-Zip, it is an excellent open source program that can compress or decompress almost any kind of format that you can throw on it.

7-Zip has support for almost all features that any archival software should have.

7-Zip is one of the best archiving software for new computer.

software for new computer- 7z

What are yours?

What is the software that you install on your Computer first? How many of the above do you have? Do you know any other excellent free software for new computer? Share with others in the comments below.


Best Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Edge

Following are some tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge that will definitely help you in getting the most out of Browser.

Microsoft Edge is the shiny new  web browser for Windows 10. It was made to replace the older and hated Internet Explorer. It is the newest kid in the browser market and being honest, it is way better than Internet Explorer. It is better than Google Chrome in some aspects.

Following are some tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge that will definitely help you in getting the most out of Browser.

Disable Flash

Adobe Flash is now a dead platform that is turning into a zombie. It definitely was useful in mid-2000’s but today it is more harmful than useful. With HTML 5 replacing Flash for Video playback on websites, it is just useless for users to keep Adobe Flash enabled in their computer.

If you are not working under a corporation which requires you to have Flash in order to use their web portals, you can disable it.

How to Do it?

Fire up Microsoft Edge and click on the three dots that open Menu.

Microsoft edge tips and tricks

Next click on Settings and from the next screen, hit Advanced Settings button located at the end of the list.

disable adobe flash in Microsoft edge

From here toggle “Use Adobe Flash Player” to off.

Import bookmarks from Other web browsers.

If you have been using another web browser such as Google Chrome for a long time, it is almost sure that you have a long list of Bookmarks ( or Favorites) You may want to import them to Microsoft Edge as well so that you don’t have to wonder about the sites you visit.

How to Import Bookmarks from other browsers to Edge

Click on the Hub button (highlighted in the screenshot) and click on the Favorites button (symbolized as a star)

From here, Click on Favorite Settings

Microsoft edge tips and tricks 4

Next, under the Import Favorite section, Select all browser that you want to import bookmarks from and click on Import.

Please note that it may take some time for a large number of Bookmarks.


Turn the Sync On/Off

Just like Google Chrome syncs all your data from one device to other after you sign in using a Google Account, You can sync your Data across multiple PCs and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

It requires you to have the Version number 1511 installed in your PC. It should also be noted that you can only sync Browsing data between Windows 10 devices as Edge is not available for other platforms.

To enable or disable sync, Open the Settings from Main menu and under sync your content section, toggle it to on or off.

Keep in mind that you need to sign into PC using a Microsoft Account.

Use Edge as a PDF reader

Similar to Google Chrome and other browsers, Edge has built in support for PDF documents. If you do not need to sign or comment on PDF files, it may come as handy for basic PDF viewing.

To use Edge to open PDF files, right click on PDF files and click on Open With> Microsoft Edge.

Change Default Search Engine

Obviously, Microsoft Edge has Bing set as the default search engine. By setting it to Bing, Microsoft tries to make sure that most users won’t bother changing it and Microsoft will get a continuous Ad revenue from search results.

You can change the default search engine to Google or any other site in a few clicks.

Here is how to do it

Open the website that you want to use as default search engine. ( I know that Microsoft is stupid about this, this could simply be ignored)

Open Settings from Menu and Click on View Advance Settings Button

Under the “Search in the address bar with”section, click on Change.

chage default search engine in Microsoft edge

From next screen, click on your desired search engine and click on Set as default.

Hide Ads from New Tab page

Edge does a good job of showing latest news and articles in new tab pages, however, they are also stuffed with advertisements. If you want to disable them fire up the Settings from the browser menu.

Under “Open new tabs with” drop down menu, select any one from following:

Top sites and suggested content: Loads and shows you your most visited sites followed by news, articles, weather reports (and of course, Ads) in the new tab.

Top Sites: Shows a search box and your most visited sites in new tab page.

A blank page : Shows nothing in new tabs except for a search box.

Do you have any other tip or hack to make Edge better? Do you use it just ignore it? share with us in the comments below.

The Best Download Managers For Windows (And Android Too)

Doesn’t it just make us crazy when a 1GB download fails at 99%? Here are the best download managers that will help you.

Doesn’t it just make us crazy when a 1GB download fails at 99%? Download managers can help you in ignoring these situations, especially for Chrome Users.

Download Managers are internet programs which are specifically made for one purpose: downloading files from The internet. All web browsers include some sort of download manager which is used to grab and save files from the internet. However, most mainstream web browsers lack the support of downloading Flash video and resuming or scheduling downloads.

By using a download manager, you can get some really useful features some of them are us following:

Download Scheduling

A good download manager allows you to pause and resume downloads at a user defined time. This is not available by default on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Download Scheduling can save your money by pausing long downloading during peak hours and resuming them later.

Download Queues

By default, if you download more than one file using the inbuilt download manager of a web browser, all files are downloaded simultaneously. On the other hand, in a dedicated download manager, you can enable download queue which will make sure that downloads are down one-by-one.

Download Automation

Some download managers have features to do more that just downloading a file, for example, Internet Download Manager has abilities to download all images from a webpage, all music files from a web page or even to download the whole website to your computer for Offline viewing.

Control Download Speed

Most dedicated download managers have some options to limit download speed or change the priority of a download file. Download Managers can also distribute bandwidth to under progress files according to the user.

Best Download Managers

Here are some of the best download managers that you can install and use, they are not in any particular order. If you have any suggestion or issue related to download managers, share with us in the comments below.

Free Download Manager

Perhaps the best download manager for Windows. It is open source and it has robust feature list and a good enough UI. FDM has built in support for Torrent files and it also has a small always on the top applet that can be used to drag and drop links to download.

FDM is available in 3 versions, I would recommend this version which has support for BitTorrent and file conversion. Free Download Manager is available for Windows Only.

Best download managers- free download manager


Flashget is a Windows Only application and it has a basic feature set compared to other beefy download managers, however, it has built-in support for BitTorrent files and a dropbox that lets you drop a link to download to a computer.

Best download managers- flashget

If you are not interested in digging in dozens of menus and options this is worth giving a shot.

Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download manager is one of the best download managers for Google Chrome, it works inside the browser and it has many great features. Most notable among them are easy to navigate UI, Advance filtering to find any download file and more. Chrono Download Manager is customizable too, you can enable or disable desktop notifications and change the theme using built-in menus. Sniffer in the extensions allows you do download media from an open website.

- chrono download manager


DownThemAll is a Firefox extension that works on all platforms. It takes downloading to the next level. With just a couple of clicks, you can download all images, videos and other stuff from a web page. You can even create filters to ignore or download images from a website. For firefox fans, it is one of the best download managers out there.

For Google Android:

For users running Google Android, Advanced Download Manager is the best option. It has a pretty good feature set and the free version is good enough for basic use. You can set the number of simultaneous downloads and even manage and create download categories. By default ADM manages downloads by their file types such as Apps, Music, Images Documents etc.

advance download managers

This was the list of the best download managers, which one do you use and why?  Share with us in the comments below.

Facebook is Killing Photosync And Wants You To Install Moments App

After forcing users to Install Messenger on their smartphones to send messages, you will need moments app to sync your photos to the social network.

Facebook is trying to make sure that It has more than 1 icon in your app drawer. After forcing users to Install Messenger on their smartphones to send messages, you will need another app to sync your photos to the social network.

In case you don’t know, Photo syncing in Facebook is a neat feature that lets you upload all photos on your smartphone into a private album. This all happens in the background and after the photos have been synced, you can edit and share the photos with your friends on the social network.

Until now it all was possible within the Facebook app, however, as the TechCrunch reports, you will need to install Facebook’s app called Moments to do that in near future.

Moments is an app by Facebook that makes it possible to share photos privately with your Facebook friends. The app is available for iOS and Android and it is one of the most downloaded apps by Facebook.

facebook moments

It should be noted that Moments is not available in EU because of Privacy Laws related to facial recognition so it is possible that the sync feature will live in the official Facebook app just the way it is right now.

Why is Facebook doing that?

This step is quite bold and Similar to Facebook’s act of ripping off Facebook Messenger from the Core app. After the Messenger was made a stand-alone app, it has been downloaded millions of times and it ranks among the top 5  free apps in App Stores.

With Moments, Facebooks expects that it will make Facebook’s presence in your phone stronger. Also, having Moments app installed in the phone will encourage users to share and sync photos with others.

Photos are one biggest reason of Facebook’s traffic and as the competition is emerging Facebook is taking this step to fight with it.

What do you think about Facebook’s bold step? would you be installing Moments app on your phone? Share with others in the comments below.

4 Better Adobe Reader Alternatives

If your work does not involve PDF signing and heavy annotating, Following are some of the best Adobe Reader Alternative.

Just like Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader has been standard for viewing PDF files for years. However, Most used is not always better, once snappy and light Adobe Reader is now too much bloated, filled with too many options and too heavy on size.

This makes Adobe Reader slow and heavy on resources.

Sure it comes with many bells and whistles, Not everyone needs them. If your work does not involve PDF signing and heavy annotating, Following are some of the best Adobe Reader Alternatives.

Microsoft Edge

An Adobe Reader alternative list kicking off with a Web browser? Yes, Microsoft Edge and almost all modern web browsers have necessary components to show PDF documents. Unlike other software, you don’t have to worry about software updates because web browsers are generally automatically updated.

To open a PDF File in Google Chrome or Any other web browser, right click on it and from the menu, click on Open With> Microsoft Edge.

adobe reader alternatives -Microsoft edge


SumatraPDF is my default PDF viewer and if you need more powerful PDF viewer than a web browser, it should be the fist one to see.

adobe reader alternatives -sumatra pdf

SumatraPDF is small and light, it can open PDF files quickly and it is compatible with most PDF Files.

Despite being small, it has many important features such as a start page listing all the recently opened files, A tabbed window to manage multiple opened documents, a system to create nad manage favorites and more. If you want an Adobe Reader Alternative that is fast and feature rich, SumatraPDF is best for you.

Download SumatraPDF

Foxit Reader

It is not the smallest but surely it os one the prettiest alternative to Adobe Reader. Foxit reader was created to compete directly with Adobe Reader and in many aspects, it does that. FoxIt has two UIs to manage document viewing, the first one is new Ribbon UI which looks and feels like Microsoft Office ribbon.

adobe reader alternatives -foxit reader

The other one is older Menu bar and toolbar system that looks like Adobe Reader. If you want, you can change colour from the Options in Foxit Reader.

Download Foxit Reader

Cool PDF Reader

It is cool because it is only 3.5 MB in size, Cool PDF Reader is a freeware and it can open many other file formats such as  JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF etc.

adobe reader alternatives -cool pdf reader

It is straight forward and easy to use. You don’t need to dig in thousands of menus and options, with Cool PDF Reader, you can open PDF Files, Zoom In and Out, take snapshots and print them too. The reader is also available in a standalone version which does not installation.

Download Cool PDF Reader


So, in conclusion, Following are the best Adobe Reader Alternatives:

  • Sumatra PDF
  • Cool PDF Reader
  • Foxit Reader
  • Built in PDF viewer in Microsoft Edge Browser

Do you know about any other Adobe Reader Alternative? Which one do you prefer? Share with us in the comments below.


The New Windows 10 Update is Rolled For Testers

Microsoft has started to take some last measures to start delivering Windows 10’s first major update.

As I already covered in the past that a new major Windows 10 Update is coming this November. Microsoft has started to take some last measures to start delivering Windows 10’s first major update.

The new build which is codenamed threshold 2 is now rolled to testers. After one week of testing, Microsoft will release it for public.

The new update addresses some of the biggest issues currently present in Windows 10 and also it tries to polish Windows 10’s UI and UX. The biggest one is that it will now let users use licence key of Windows 7 and 8 to activate Windows 10.

With this update the title bars of desktop softwares can be coloured, although there was already a work-around to do that. The other changes include a tighter Skype integration for Video Chat and messaging.

Keeping the new features on mind, Microsoft has still not addressed any privacy concerned and still no extension support is added on the fall update for Edge. Microsoft has stated that extension support will be added in next year in 2016.


Microsoft will most probably releas this Windows 10 update next week on November 10th on its Patch Tuesday.

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Finally, Chrome OS and Google Android are Getting Married

Google’s Chrome OS and Android both are strong evidence that Google can make some serious software. According to WSJ, Google is planning of merging both software platforms by 2017.

Prepare yourself for the marriage reception in 2017.

Google’s Chrome OS and Android both are strong evidence that Google can make some serious software. According to WSJ, Google is planning of merging both software platforms by 2017.

Android is the current biggest mobile operation system and it holds the largest user base. However, Chrome OS which is used in Google’s Chromebooks has not done so huge impact on Desktop OS market share. After merging both the Operating Systems, Google hopes to make a strong platforms which will be taken seriously on Desktops and Laptops too.


Although, Google Chrome OS and Google Android are going to merge, you don’t need to worry about Google’s Chrome Web Browser. It will be kept intact and the company will continue to work on this product. Also it is being said that Chrome OS wont be killed off completely, Laptop makers will still be able to install it on laptops.

Engineers at Google Inc. will contribute to Google Chrome OS but the main attention will be on The new OS that will merge Android and Chrome OS.

Why This Matters?

Google has tried very hard to make people jump to Chromebook bandwagon but even after all the efforts, Chromebooks were just able to become a product for niche audience. On the other hand, Android has turned itself into a money making machine for Google.

The biggest problem with android is that despite being optimized for large screen tablets, it still feels that this is an OS for small screen. On the Chrome OS side, the disappointing adoption definitely has a few good reasons. The biggest one on them is too much dependency on the internet connection.

android is merging with Chrome OS

Chrome OS is good and fast, but it is still too dependent on Internet connection and there are still not many good web apps that can replace desktop grade productivity software. Due to the lesser user base developers are not so interested in making serious full blown software for Google Chrome.

Google tried to reduce the app gap by making it possible to run several android apps on Chrome OS.

Merging both platforms makes sense for Google. It will result in a perfect software platforms that will be able to run android apps on full blown Laptops and if Laptop and desktop user adapt Google’s new OS, it will result in increased market share for Google.

What do you think about Google’s decision of merging Android and Chrome OS? will you but a laptop that is mix of Android and Chrome OS? share with us in the comments below.

Image Credits:  John Baer on Flickr, Maurizio Pesce on Flickr