The New Windows 10 Update is Rolled For Testers

Getting Windows 10 Features on Windows 8 and Windows 7

As I already covered in the past that a new major Windows 10 Update is coming this November. Microsoft has started to take some last measures to start delivering Windows 10’s first major update.

The new build which is codenamed threshold 2 is now rolled to testers. After one week of testing, Microsoft will release it for public.

The new update addresses some of the biggest issues currently present in Windows 10 and also it tries to polish Windows 10’s UI and UX. The biggest one is that it will now let users use licence key of Windows 7 and 8 to activate Windows 10.

With this update the title bars of desktop softwares can be coloured, although there was already a work-around to do that. The other changes include a tighter Skype integration for Video Chat and messaging.

Keeping the new features on mind, Microsoft has still not addressed any privacy concerned and still no extension support is added on the fall update for Edge. Microsoft has stated that extension support will be added in next year in 2016.


Microsoft will most probably releas this Windows 10 update next week on November 10th on its Patch Tuesday.

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