The Best Download Managers For Windows (And Android Too)

best download managers

Doesn’t it just make us crazy when a 1GB download fails at 99%? Download managers can help you in ignoring these situations, especially for Chrome Users.

Download Managers are internet programs which are specifically made for one purpose: downloading files from The internet. All web browsers include some sort of download manager which is used to grab and save files from the internet. However, most mainstream web browsers lack the support of downloading Flash video and resuming or scheduling downloads.

By using a download manager, you can get some really useful features some of them are us following:

Download Scheduling

A good download manager allows you to pause and resume downloads at a user defined time. This is not available by default on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Download Scheduling can save your money by pausing long downloading during peak hours and resuming them later.

Download Queues

By default, if you download more than one file using the inbuilt download manager of a web browser, all files are downloaded simultaneously. On the other hand, in a dedicated download manager, you can enable download queue which will make sure that downloads are down one-by-one.

Download Automation

Some download managers have features to do more that just downloading a file, for example, Internet Download Manager has abilities to download all images from a webpage, all music files from a web page or even to download the whole website to your computer for Offline viewing.

Control Download Speed

Most dedicated download managers have some options to limit download speed or change the priority of a download file. Download Managers can also distribute bandwidth to under progress files according to the user.

Best Download Managers

Here are some of the best download managers that you can install and use, they are not in any particular order. If you have any suggestion or issue related to download managers, share with us in the comments below.

Free Download Manager

Perhaps the best download manager for Windows. It is open source and it has robust feature list and a good enough UI. FDM has built in support for Torrent files and it also has a small always on the top applet that can be used to drag and drop links to download.

FDM is available in 3 versions, I would recommend this version which has support for BitTorrent and file conversion. Free Download Manager is available for Windows Only.

Best download managers- free download manager


Flashget is a Windows Only application and it has a basic feature set compared to other beefy download managers, however, it has built-in support for BitTorrent files and a dropbox that lets you drop a link to download to a computer.

Best download managers- flashget

If you are not interested in digging in dozens of menus and options this is worth giving a shot.

Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download manager is one of the best download managers for Google Chrome, it works inside the browser and it has many great features. Most notable among them are easy to navigate UI, Advance filtering to find any download file and more. Chrono Download Manager is customizable too, you can enable or disable desktop notifications and change the theme using built-in menus. Sniffer in the extensions allows you do download media from an open website.

- chrono download manager


DownThemAll is a Firefox extension that works on all platforms. It takes downloading to the next level. With just a couple of clicks, you can download all images, videos and other stuff from a web page. You can even create filters to ignore or download images from a website. For firefox fans, it is one of the best download managers out there.

For Google Android:

For users running Google Android, Advanced Download Manager is the best option. It has a pretty good feature set and the free version is good enough for basic use. You can set the number of simultaneous downloads and even manage and create download categories. By default ADM manages downloads by their file types such as Apps, Music, Images Documents etc.

advance download managers

This was the list of the best download managers, which one do you use and why?  Share with us in the comments below.