Here are 5 Best Image Viewers For Mac

The default finder preview is not featured for filling all the needs of a good image viewing application. Let’s take a look at 5 Best Image Viewers For Mac.

Viewing and organizing photos is a common thing people do on their computer. Recently, I received a mail from a reader John. He wrote that he is searching for an alternative to Photos App and what are the best image viewers for Mac.

Hello Saurabh,

I have been using Mac for years, and I store and manage all my photos on my Mac Mini. I know that I can press spacebar to get a preview of the selected photo on the finder. But I don’t like Mac’s built-in photo editing and viewing options and I don’t want to spend money on Adobe’s Image Management apps.

Can you recommend me some of the best image viewers for Mac?



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One thing that I don’t like with finder’s image preview is that to navigate all photos through arrow keys on keyboards, you need to select them with Command-A.

On Windows 10, Microsoft has a good photo viewing app called Photos where you can view photos and start a slideshow. Let’s take a look at some of the best image viewing apps on Mac.

Best Image Viewers for Mac


Sequential is a slick and good looking image viewer for Mac OS X. It supports all common image formats including jpg, PNG, GIF. Additionally, Sequential can open files in ZIP, RAR and PDF format. One of the unique features of Sequential is that it can open CBZ and CBR formats that are used for digital comics. With Sequential, you can easily open a folder containing images and then view them in the correct order. At the time of writing, the app is completely free.

Sequential for Mac is a good image viewing software
Sequential for Mac is a good image viewing software

Its lightweight too, making sure that it will run well even on your aging Mac Mini or MacBook Air.


While Xee costs $4 on the Mac app store. The streamlined user interface and good functionality. Xee can open all photos inside a folder and compressed archives. After launching Xee, you can see an image and its metadata.

The image viewer of Xee is fairly minimalistic and it hides al unnecessary info when you are inside a preview. Just like Sequential, Xee can also open CBR and CBZ files making it good for reading comics. One of the strong points of Xee is its good support of gestures. You can zoom and rotate images with your touchpad. If all you want is a minimal and strong image viewer for Mac, Xee is worth a look.

Xee on Mac OS
Xee on Mac OS


XnView is a popular image viewer. The developer claims that XnView has support for almost 500 different formats. In my testing, it did open most types of image formats that I had. As a cherry on top, XnView can also convert images to another format should you need to.

XnView’s features don’t stop there. It has built-in options for applying basic fixes and filters. Also, it can create slideshows for you. In image management departments, XnView has great support for batch renaming, metadata management, and a duplicate file finder.

XnView is a great image viewer for Mac
XnView is one of the best image viewers for Mac

XnView makes it a great replacement for built-in photo preview in finder if you deal with tons of image formats every day or you want some extra control with your pictures. It is free for personal use and does not include any adware or spyware.

Google Picasa

Picasa is probably one of the most polished image viewers for Mac OS. Sure, Google Killed off Picasa recently, but the photo viewer app is still polished enough for most people. The Picasa Photo Viewer is fast, stable and still looks and performs as good as most other photo viewers for Mac.

Rather than looking like an image viewer in Android’s Gallery app, the Photo Viewer for Mac has a similar feeling to a media player. You can press Enter key on your keyboard to see any image in the fullscreen mode, and if you need, with just one click, you can start a slideshow.

Now that Google has shut down Picasa’s web service, the image upload feature will not be supported. Still, the app should run fine, and you can always use other services to upload photos to the cloud.

Even if you don’t want advanced image editing that Picasa offers, you should give Picasa a try. I have been using it on all my computers, and it has never let me down.


If you have been editing photos for some time, you must have heard about GIMP. It’s a powerful image edition program that has been around for decades. It is an open source application that supports not only viewing but it also has airbrushing, fixing, penciling and a ton of other features. GIMP for Mac UI opens with a folder and file directly tree on is left pace. Next to it is a set of thumbnail images and there are buttons with a set of commands surrounding these panes.

GIMP is a powerful image editor
GIMP is a powerful image editor

GIMP has a slight learning curve if you have never used professional image editing applications. But. GIMP is the most powerful free image editing and viewing too around.

Which one is your favorite?

Among all the app in this post, which ones do you think is the best image viewers for Mac and why? Share with others in the comments below.

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These Are The 5 Best Material Design Apps For Android

In last few years, Google’s design language has undergone some major changes, after the Holo interface with was mostly dark and filled with neon lines, Google switch to it’s in house design language and called it material. Material made its first breakthrough with Android 5.0 Lolipop and it has been evolving since. App makers have also started switching to Material to provide a better and arguably more functional app design.

For new App developers, Material Design is the need of the day. Design indeed has become one of the major factors for the overall success of apps. Five contenders, from among numerous PlayStore offerings, stand out in the race:


best material design apps for android

Play Store is now flooded with wallpaper apps, but few of them really stand out. Wally is one of pioneer apps of material design, the app has shut down a few times in past, but right now it is chugging along very well. The app comes out as the most appealing app for wallpapers that is built in a neat and clean environment using smart use of material design. UI is simple, navigation is easy and it works well even on low-powered phones.

Solid Explorer

good material design apps

Solid Explorer has a design that gets the file management stuff eased down to visual cues. It has a floating action button giving the ease of a right-click on a PC and it differentiates files on color grades. With many other unique features, it tops the charts in both utility as well in material designs. If you use a file manager frequently, Solid Explorer is one of the best material design apps out there.

Newton Email

NewTon Email
NewTon Email

While Google’s own Gmail is not half bad, Newton Email has redesigned the idea of email transforming it into a chat-email evolution. It includes the WhatsApp-like double-tick indicator for read-receipts and provides all email tasks on right-left swaps and menus. For upcoming pressure-sensing screens, those designs are supposed to serve as a foundation. It uses design as needed for functionality and is always amongst the best Material Design apps.


While Google’s own Casting app is good enough for more users, LocalCast simplifies streaming as much as it gets. It casts video, images, and pretty much whatever else to your Chromecast from your device. It also reaps the best of the material design functionality, with sharp but cool color-contrasts and gradients. It supports Roku, Amazon Fire Sticks, Apple TV, and a variety of smart TVs, to give a solution for all casting needs.


Texting in material design is best demonstrated in highly praised Textra. It uses floating action button to pull out a drawer of all text-related options at once. Its customizability is fabulous, switching from bright, dark, primary and secondary colors. It totally adapts to user’s sense of design and seals its position as one of the most loved material design app out there in the PlayStore.

Among others and the apps in this list, which ones do you think are the best material design apps for Android? Share with other in the comments below.

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Google Has An App To Let You Share Your Location With Your Loved Ones

Safety of children and other family members is an increasing concern for many modern families. Google is trying to help you with it by helping you in tracking their location with they are out of the house.

Google just released a new location-sharing app called Trusted Contacts. The idea behind the app is to make sure that your loved ones are always able to know where you are and whether you are safe.

The app is fairly straightforward, simply install the app and then you can choose your trusted contacts. Once you have marked a contact as trusted, he/she will be able to see your location on the app.


If your family members need to know your location, they can ask you with a tap on a button. You can accept the request to share your location or reject it if you wish, but if you do not reply within 5 minutes, the app will automatically send your location to your family members.


While it can be a great tool to make sure that your family members are safe, I can see some family using the app for some other situations as well. It is worth knowing that this idea is not completely one, some other apps (Life360’s Family Locator comes to mind) offer very similar feature set. However, Google’s App is completely free to use and it has tighter integration with Google’s other services such as Maps.

You can install the app from Google Play Store, There is no word about any iOS version yet.

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5 Tips To Make WhatsApp More Private and Secure

You might want to know about how you can make sure that your conversations are safe. Here are 6 WhatsApp privacy tips to make texting more secure.

While SMS was once the most used way to send text messages, it won’t be wrong to say that WhatsApp has taken that crown now. The App easy enough that your grandmother can use it and the price tag of $0 makes it much more appealing that sending SMSes. If you use the  messaging app, you might want to know about how you can make sure that your conversations are safe. Here are 5 WhatsApp privacy tips to make texting more secure.

Lock WhatsApp using a Pattern or Password

Probably the best way of stopping someone from opening WhatsApp is to lock it with a PIN, Password or Pattern lock. WhatsApp does not have any built-in app locking available, but getting it on Android is quite easy.

Some Android Phones have built in option to lock apps in App Drawer (the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 is a good example) However, if your phone does not have one, you can use AppLock to protect your WhatsApp chats.

Hide WhatsApp from App Drawer

If you don’t want anyone to know that you WhatsApp, a good way to do it is by hiding the icon completely from the App drawer of your Android Phone.

Again, some phones have built in options to hide apps from App Drawers, if your phone does not have one, you can install a custom launcher from Google Play Store. Apex Launcher, Evie Launcher, Smart Launcher 3 and ASAP Launcher are some of the best custom launchers that come with App hiding features.

Hide Last Seen Timestamp from others

By default, other contacts on WhatsApp can see the last time you were online in the app. If you don’t want anyone to know, you can turn off the Last seen timestamp.

Keep in mind that if you disable your Last seen status on WhatsApp, you will not be able to anyone’s Last seen too.

To Hide your Last Seen on WhatsApp on Android or iOS do the following:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots on the top right corner to open the menu.
  • Tap on Settings > Account and then select Privacy.
  • Under Last seen choose Nobody.
hide last seen on whatsapp
Hiding Last seen on Whatsapp

Stop sending read receipts

With some recent updates, you can now see a double blue check mark in  WhatsApp texts and Images, these indicate that your contact has seen the sent message. As convenient it may be for some people, if you don’t what others to know that you have read their message and you have still not replied, you can turn off these Read receipts too.

The catch? similarly to Last seen, you won’t be able to see others read receipts too.

To turn off read receipts in WhatsApp go to Settings > Account > Privacy and check off the Read Receipts under Messaging section.

Stop Read receipts on WhatsApp
Stop Read receipts on WhatsApp

Keep in mind that you can’t turn off Read receipts for Group Chats

Stop WhatsApp photos from appearing in Gallery

Now that you have protected WhatsApp with a password or pattern,  you will also like to stop anyone from seeing  your WhatsApp images in Gallery. If you are on iOS, you can do it with just a few taps. However, if you are on Android, it is a bit complicated than iOS
On iOS, Go to phone’s Settings > Privacy > Photos and then deselect WhatsApp from the list of apps whose images are saved into the Gallery.
On your Android phone,  You will need a file manager, if you don’t have one on your phone, ES File Manager is good enough and it is free.
Open the file manager and then navigate to Internal storage. Now go to WhatsApp > Media> WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos folder. Then create a file within each folder called ‘.nomedia’. This will stop Android’s Gallery from scanning these folders.

Lost your Phone? Deactivate WhatsApp

At one time, WhatsApp can only use one mobile number. You can use it to stop anyone from accessing your WhatsApp if you have lost your phone.If you have lost your phone, you can

Just get a duplicate SIM with the same number ( in India, you may need to submit a copy of FIR to your mobile career to get a replacement SIM)  and activate WhatsApp from the new SIM card. WhatsApp on your lost phone will stop working immediately.

Do you have any other WhatsApp privacy tips ?

Apart from the above, do you have any other WhatsApp privacy tips that other readers should know about? Share with us in the comments below.

How Long Does it Take to Make an App?

Planning to build an app? Let’s talk about how much will it cost and how long will it take to build a mobile app.

Planning to build an app?

Let me guess the two burning questions you have – how much will it cost and how long will it take to build it?

I wish I could look at your product description and immediately state the app development timeline, accurate up to one day. But that’s not how things work.

Yet, having worked in a mobile app development company for nearly a decade, I can tell you in details what goes into determining the project scope and the respective time required to build a certain product.

How Long Does It Take To Make An App: 3 Key Determinants

Time is often the most critical factor for startups. And your first question should be – do I want to build a full-feature product or an MVP to present the concept to potential investors and validate the business concept with the actual users?

Obviously, the time to make an app will vary accordingly. MVPs take on average 2 to 4 months to develop. Full feature products may take between 4 and 18 months, again, the exact number largely depends on the requested features, technology, and some other product specs.

So let’s start with the basics for determining the app development timeline:

Industry Scope

Before hiring the developers to build your custom app, you’ll need to do some homework too aka scrutinize your target audience.

Why does it matter so much?

For starters, it will help you refine your app concept and answer the next key questions required to determine the exact project timeline:

  • Which platform and device range will I target? Do you want to build an iPhone app only, or launch an Android version as well? What kinds of devices are more popular within my target market?
  • Who’s my competition? What kind of features does their product offer? Do I plan to build the same ones or offer additional perks?
  • What features does my target audience need in the first place? If you are aiming at an MVP, you should cut down the list to the key top-5s.

Now, how does that correlate with the time and costs?

According to the Next Web, building a Pinterest-like MVP will cost you around $120, 000 and will take 6+ months.

Building a simpler version, for instance, the one that allows curated link submissions sans images and without an external “Pin it” add-on, will cost you half the price and take between 3-4 months.

Bottom line: Don’t let the scope creep roll in. If you need to build an app fast, refine your features list to the bare minimum; validate your assumptions with the target audience and hire a proficient team in your domain (aka people who have already developed similar products and know exactly what they are doing).

Platform and Device Range

Deciding whether you should build an iOS or Android app first can be crippling, especially if your target audience uses both kinds of devices.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

The mobile app development timeline for Android apps is 10-20% longer compare to iOS. The reasons are quite simple:

  • Due to Android’s open-source nature, apps require more testing prior to releasing.
  • Currently, there are over 12,000 types of Android devices out there, meaning you have to either design for a large number of screens or settle for supporting only a certain range of devices.
  • Android users, unlike iOS, don’t upgrade regularly to the latest OS, meaning additional complexity blends in to support older OS.

Probably, that’s the answer why 30% of the 50 top paid and 50 top free iPad apps are not available for Android as well.


Yet, building an Android app certainly makes sense if you plan to tap into a larger international market. After all, there are three Android users in the world for each iOS user. If you wish to scrap large demographics with a free/freemium product, building an Android app first certainly makes more sense.

The Most Time-Consuming App Development Elements

Clutch has made a rather accurate timeline breakdown of various app features, which you can use as a cheat-sheet for your project:

 timeline breakdown of various app features,

Additionally, I’d like to comment on widest variables in terms of price.

App Design

The prettier you want your app to be – the longer this stage will take. Graphical apps with custom animations and transitions can take well beyond 14 hours to draft. If we are talking about games, the number can go up to 30-40 hours.

Hence, opting for a sleek minimalistic look and asking the design team to user existing design patterns versus creating custom ones can be your best bet.

App Scalability and Backend

If we are talking about a social networking app, for instance, scalability is essential. Facebook uses well-supported MySQL and PostgresQL databases for structured data and those may take longer to develop.

As a powerful alternative, though, you can opt for a noSQL database like MongoDB, which is equally robust but takes less time to integrate.

Admin Portal and/or CMS To Manage The App

Again, depending on the type of the product you may need a simpler or more complex admin panel to overview the relationships and processes within your app. Do inquire about the best tools and tech stack to use for your product in advance.

Final Words

So how long does it take to build a mobile app? The short answer is – 2 to 4 weeks for simple projects and at least 6 months for more complicated products.

Yet you should always remember that you can only pick the two elements from this triangle:


You can build a great app fast, but it will likely cost you a lot.

Or you can get a cheap and well-made one, but it will take much longer.

And there are always chances that a cheap app built at supersonic speed may end up being quite a mess.

Hence, set your priorities accordingly and seek for faster development options through refining your project scope, rather than reducing the research or testing timeline.

About the author

Slava Bushtruk is CEO+Founder of Alty, Inc. He’s been in software and app development for nearly a decade with over 75 successful projects under his belt, ranging from startups to enterprise clients. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or shoot a quick hi at[email protected].  Tech Blog and Website

5 Best Microsoft Edge Alternatives (and why you may want one)

In this article, we will discuss some of the best Microsoft Edge Alternatives for Windows 10 and we will talk about which one should choose for yourself.

Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge browser with Windows 10. The motive behind was to create a new and quick browser that can replace the aging (and often hated) Internet Explorer. Don’t get me wrong, Edge is really good at dealing some shortcomings of Internet Explorer, but it is still not better than other browsers available for Windows. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Microsoft Edge Alternatives for Windows 10 and we will talk about which one should choose for yourself.

But Why is Microsoft Edge worth Replacing?

Edge is just one-year-old browser and granted that it is quick and light weight for most tasks, it still has some flaws that can be a dealbreaker for you.

Edge is not available for Android or iOS

A good browser should be available for all mobile and desktop platforms. Edge is only available for Windows 10 desktop versions and the Windows 10 Mobile. Having a browser available on all platforms helps you in browsing the web with more convenience because all your settings, bookmarks, and passwords can be synced across your phones, tablets, and PCs.

There are still very low number of extensions

When Edge first shipped with Windows 10, the browser had no support for Extensions whatsoever, I pointed it out in my review and now that Anniversary update has brought support for them in the browser, the number of Extensions for Edge feels like nothing compared to old, popular browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The browser is too limited on features

Edge is just one-year-old and it lacks some obvious features that a web browser is expected to have. For an example, right click on a link in edge and you can’t find any option to open it in an InPrivate Tab.

Want one more example? In Clear history dialog, you can’t delete history from recent hours, you are only able to delete it from the beginning. Shortcomings like this may not be a dealbreaker for everyone, but why to settle for something like Edge when you can switch to a feature packed and polished browser.

Best Microsoft Edge Alternatives


Some of you might have expected Google Chrome as the best alternative for Microsoft Edge, well, Chrome is a great browser, but, if you are not into Google’s Ecosystem that much, Opera could be the right choice for you.

opera web browser screenshot
Opera is the best Microsoft Edge alternative.

The Browser is available in all major desktop and mobile platforms. It looks very similar to Google Chrome and it is simple to use. Opera is powered by Blink Engine -the same used by Chrome. Because of that, Opera performs very similar to Google Chrome and it feels very snappy.

Combine that with built -in ad-blocker, a Free VPN and built in torrent downloading support and you get a quite feature-packed browser that runs well on all platforms.

Opera makes two versions for mobile phones, the first one is called Opera Mobile and the other one is called Opera Mini. Both are good at syncing with desktop browsers and they too have ad-blocker built-in.

Who Should Use Opera?

If you are not too much tied to Google Services and you don’t want to pay for a VPN service separately, Opera is perfect for you.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is currently the most used browser on earth, Built on Chromium, Chrome is the benchmark for speed, simplicity, and performance. Google Chrome has a very simple UI, deep enough customization features to keep general users happy and a really, really large extension library.

Chromebook Pixel
Chromebook Pixel Running Chrome Browser | Image: Google

Chrome is available for Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can log-in into the browser on any platform to sync your bookmarks, settings, and passwords quickly. Apart from that, Google regularly updates the browser to add new features and improve performance.

Chrome is a great Microsoft Edge alternative if you want a stable web-browser that just works.

Who Should Use Google Chrome?

If you use Google’s services regularly and you want your browser to have extensions for almost anything, Chrome should be your pick.


Vivaldi is a web-browser built for power users. The browser uses Blink engine (same as Opera and Google Chrome) and it was built by the former CEO of Opera ASA.

vivaldi vs chrome
Vivaldi on Windows 10

Vivaldi shines at giving you customizability options and letting you bend almost every aspect of your browsing experience. You can organize almost any button or toolbar as you like. The performance is speedy and it looks good enough for almost every seasoned computer user to start experimenting with the browser.

But there is a bad news for people who want to use the browser on the mobile platforms: the browser is currently not available for Android or iOS.

Who should use Vivaldi?

Vivaldi is good for users who look for endless customizations from their browsers. But you should also have to be OK with no syncing with mobile browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a well-known and open source web browser. The browser is fast, customizable and stable enough to be the daily driver for most people. Mozilla Firefox has built-in options for Video Chats and IM, it comes preloaded with excellent read-it-later service called Pocket and it is one of the few browsers who focuses on user privacy.

Mozilla firefox new tab
Mozilla Firefox is the best open source web browser.

Firefox has a vast library of extensions and themes. You can install them from an official marketplace. Occasionally, you might see some ads on your New-Tab page, but you can turn it off with just one click.

The browser is available for all major desktop platforms and on Android and iOS too. Firefox is the only browser on our list that supports extensions on its mobile versions. Mozilla’s browser currently ranks third in terms of market share and judging on its feature set, Firefox deserves its place.

Who should use Firefox

Firefox is a great browser for people who want good privacy without compromising on features. If you are a supporter of Open Source Software (OSS) Firefox is a good project to support.


Maxthon has been making a pretty feature packed browser for quite some time. MX5 is the name of the fifth version of the program, currently it is in beta.

MX5 is a bit slow to start compared to Chrome or Edge, but once it is up, the browser shines at letting you use the web, in the way you want. Maxthon’s cloud syncing service called Passport is baked into the browser and you can take notes, manage emails and save passwords in it. All of the data is automatically synced to all your devices and it is free.

MX5 maxthon browser
Maxthon’s MX5

The browser has a flat UI, customizable new tab backgrounds, and a built-in ad-blocker too. Combine it with a good night mode, built-in RSS Reader, and rich customizations options, It may make you wonder why MX5 is still not the most popular browser.

Who should get MX5

People who are tired of using Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. People who want their browser to be feature packed. However, if you don’t have an SSD on your computer, slow start-up time may become a turn off for you.

Summary: Following are the best Microsoft Edge Alternatives:

  • Opera
  • Google Chrome
  • Vivaldi
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Maxthon MX5

Can you suggest any good Microsoft Edge Alternatives?

Apart from the browsers we talked above, do you have any other recommendations for Microsoft Edge Replacements? Which one do you use and why? Share with us in the comments below.

Virtual Tour Around The Globe: 5 Best Free VPNs to Unblock Websites on Android

The world is advancing at a greater pace and it is taking our lives to another height of comfort level with each passing day. Now, we are almost dependent on the technology and the machines which have made us work from our home also. With the internet creating and making a new dimension for each netizen, we are also made insecure sometimes with the insecurity level that we have to face often.

The censorship has become a great deal nowadays and it is often creating some problems among the users but where there is a problem, there must be a solution also. It is pretty normal for the government officials to put a check or block different sites which contain adult material or piracy. Governments in Pakistan, China, Iran and several other countries often impose bans even on harmless websites like YouTube, etc. The blocking of different sites will make you feel the heat and it becomes very difficult often when we can’t access to the things we prefer.

But, given the circumstances, there are many options to unblock YouTube and other websites. There is no stopping you! Using the proxies and the VPNs are the most effective ways to handle this problem. Nowadays there are a huge number of proxies which are saving us from the crunch time. There are some free ones as well paid versions which offer some additional features. Complete privacy and anonymity are the few key features for these proxies.

The number of gadgets and internet service is increasing at a geometric progression. With a huge number of android users nowadays, the number of proxies has also increased. And it is very common to unlock the websites with these VPNs and proxies. If you are an android user, then it must be a bit easy for you. A special thanks to the numerous applications which have it possible for the users. Now, with the help of these apps you can easily unblock the sites and enjoy your favourite content. If you are looking forward to visiting a website with textual content using a proxy is recommended whereas if you want to unblock access to YouTube, Netflix or download torrents, using a VPN is recommended.

Here is a list of applications which will make your tasks easier.


hot spot shield vpn

Well, this software will protect you in the hot spot zones of Wi-Fi. The traffic is encrypted by the VPN. This will also mask your identity as well as your IP address. All these will help you to make you untraceable. Now once you are ready, you can access the sites you want. Any restricted content or site can be unblocked. Hot Spot Shield works with the other apps such as  Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube and so on. You can download it from here.


hide man vpn

This is one of the best apps to unblock sites and will serve your purpose to the fullest. This app will help you to make a connection to the server of the VPN which is present in 16 countries in and around the globe. Well, to broaden the smile among the netizens they are trying to add a number of servers at the earliest. The connection made by the VPN will maintain your privacy and also enhance the security level. You can also enjoy some additional features and exclusive stuff when you use this app. You can download it from here.


vpn one click

This is perhaps the best VPN software to use on android as it not only will get you access to all the blocked sites but also will give you more privacy. Your online privacy will be protected and you may not take the stress of worrying of whichever site you may enter even if it is blocked in your country. You can easily unblock the precious and most sought after sites like the Netflix, You Tube, You Tube music and much more. So, you can ultimately live happily with all these easily available at your fingertips. The address of your IP changes automatically and now you switch to different countries virtually. The internet connection that you would be using will be fully encrypted and as the result, it becomes quite hard to trace you. You can download it from the Play Store.


tunnel bear vpn

Tunnel Bear VPN is one of the easiest and simplest apps among VPNs and it makes it easy to tunnel to different countries and still remain unnoticed. The safe passage will not be a concern for your privacy as it will mask your identity. You will get free access to the sites for each month. If you want some extra additional and cool features, then you must upgrade to the latest version to enjoy the features. Unlimited tunnelling will make your days turn into a golden one. The internet is nowadays putting a check on site or the other so it is best to use this and enjoy the cool stuff out in the digital world.


tigervpns vpn

Tigervpns will help you to break into the firewall easily and enter any website anonymously. This makes it the special app among the users. You can also block the ISP regulations which make it even more fantastic. You can place yourself in the land of the rising sun or in the States or the UK and enjoy the websites which are normally not available in most countries. The most important thing is that you need not do the configuring as it will be done automatically. The app handles all the settings and you just need to sit back and enjoy the stuff.

So, life has been pretty fun and easier with these VPN’s available. With each passing day, new innovations and modifications are being brought up to deal with these perfectly which help you to regain access to websites that are been blocked by your ISP or government. Do try out these apps and let us know if they worked for you or not. Also, if you have any other recommendations to make, kindly comment and let us know.

How To Call An Uber Without Installing Uber App

It is well known that Uber – a company that sends you cars to travel within the city, works only with the App. However, Uber has made a way for Indian Uber users to call a cab without installing an App. You will still need an internet connection, though.

To Hail an Uber without using the App, simply open the web browser on your Android Phone and enter 

uber mobile website to call cab without app

The newly launched site will let you call the cab after you have entered your username and password on the site. If you don’t have Uber account, there is an option to make one with your mobile number.

To use this, you won’t have to make payments via a credit or debit card either, once you have reached your destination, you can pay your driver via cash.

There is one catch: the service is currently only available for 4 cities, these are Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur. Uber should be launching the site for other cities soon.

India is a very competitive market for Uber. With rivals such as Ola also working hard to dominate the market, Uber needs to have some convenient features to attract customers. It will be interesting to see how adding this feature works out for the company.

These Are The 6 Best Music Players For Windows 10 in 2018

Windows 10 has some good apps, but Groove Music is not one of them. Replace it with these best music players for Windows 10.

Windows 10 has improved its stock apps a lot, but, there are still places where it can improve a bit more. Default Music app Groove Music and the Windows Media Player are the same cases. In this post, we will discuss some of the best music players for Windows 10.

Groove music has its set of limitations. Luckily, Dozens of good music players are available for Windows 10. Granted that some of them lack the polish that Microsoft has in its apps, but some are excellent -so good that you can use them in place of built-in music apps in Windows 10.


Dopamine music player for Windows 10

Dopamine is probably the sleekest music player ever created for Windows. At first glance, dopamine looks and feels a lot like Microsoft’s ill-fated Zune music player, and that’s not a bad thing. The UI is consistent and the app launch time combined with player’s flexibility make it the best Music player for Windows 10.

You can change app’s background and color scheme; there are a neat equalizer and information viewer too. The library management is mostly excellent, and it can handle large collections of music files easily.

The app is not perfect though, you won’t find some advanced features found on some other music players such as music ripping and automatic music organization, but if you are looking for a sleek, lightweight and free music player that works as it is supposed to, Dopamine is a must look.

Download Dopamine

Media Monkey

Probably the best media management application on Windows, Media Monkey is a full featured Music Playing and management software. The app has almost everything that an Audiophile may need on its feature set.
You can create and manage playlists, sort, and sync media files. The UI of the Player is fully skinnable, meaning you can download additional skins form Internet and use them to customize it to your will. One of the best features that Media Monkey offers is auto media management UI, with this, once set-up, the app will automatically rename and store music files in their subfolders.

groove music alternatives 3
MediaMonkey – Non Skinned

Although Media Monkey handles music fantastically, Support for Video is not that good.
The free version should be enough to keep you hooked with the app, if you want more features, there is also a paid version.

Download MediaMonkey


Claimed to be built for music fans, songbird looks very similar to Apple iTunes.
Songbird has a rich media management features, and it works as a music hub in your home as with Songbird, you can stream music to any room in your home. Apart from playing music, you can follow artists and sync music to your portable devices.


Songbird is easy to use and considering the app is completely free, you should give it a chance if you are looking for good music players for Windows 10.

Download Songbird


This one is straight for power-users, Foobar is an Open source music player that is very light weight and customization. The core app looks quite old-school. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the makers want users to use extensions to customize the UI upon its wish. As the app has been around for more than a few years, you can find extensions for almost everything.
Foobar is a bit confusing at first, but investing time in understanding its UI will be worth if you are looking for a flexible music player.

Download Foobar

VLC Media Player

Usually, People use VLC to play video files -and it shines at it, VLC Can be a great Music Player if you are a FOSS supporter and want a no-frills music player that Plays any files that you throw on it.

vlc media player - best music player
VLC Media Player – Library Mode

VLC has a satisfactory media library; it is not as flexible as on Media Monkey but the player has built-in support for Podcasts and online Radio.
The App will also let you play from other computers connected via a local network.
The best thing about using VLC? The apps is quick, and it can handle a large music library without breaking a sweat.

Download VLC


MusicBee shares a lot of similarities with Media Monkey, but it does it with a slicker and easier interface. MusicBee has built-in features to manage and categories your music library and it has dozens of different color schemes and themes to chose from. You can use it to auto tag your file from the internet and retrieve lyrics and other metadata.

groove music alternatives
MusicBee in Xbox Theater Mode

The app also has a theater mode that looks a bit similar to Windows Media Player’s Full Screen Mode. At the time of Writing, MusicBee is completely free to use.

Download MusciBee


AIMP is a simple music player that may remind you of new dead WinAMP music player. Apart from Windows, the app is also available for Android. AIMP looks a lot different than other music player apps listed above, but the UI is easy to navigate and understand. AIMP has good library management and a low system footprint. It comes with two skins by default, but you can install other skins from its official website.

groove music alternatives 5
AIMP with Default Skin

Download AIMP

Conclusion: As discussed above, the following are the best music players for Windows 10:

  • MediaMonkey
  • MusicBee
  • AIMP3
  • Foobar
  • Songbird
  • VLC Media Player

What is your favorite Music Player for Windows 10?

What do you use to listen to Music on your computer and why? Share with others in the comments below.

6 Best Opera Mini Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Love using opera mini ? You will love these Opera Mini Tips and Tricks that will help you in getting most out of the mobile browser.

Opera Mini has been a great web browser ever since it was first released in 2005.
The normal mode consumes a bit more data than Chrome’s Data saver,  but, the extreme mode crushes the competition with its 80%+ Data savings. Here are some of the best Opera Mini tips and tricks to make sure that you use the browser at its best.

Block Ads to reduce Data Usage

Opera Mini is one of a few web browsers that come with a built in ad blocking. Blocking aads makes sense as Ads consume too much bandwidth and also may drag down the performance of your device. To block ads on your phone, simply launch Opera Mini and do to Menu> Data Savings.
from here, scroll down to a toggle labelled Block Ads.

enable ad blocker in opera mini
Enable Ad blocking in Opera Mini

From here you can easily enable and disable ads. As of now, there is no way you can white-list domains so remember to toggle it off if you want to support the site you are visiting.

Remove (almost) All Ads From New Tab Page

By default, Opera Shows you a list of trending news and articles on your new tab page. However, these are filled with ads and sponsored content. These consume Bandwidth and may look annoying to you, luckily, you can turn this off completely and switch to older Speed Dial screen which shows you a grid of your pinned sites.
Even speed dial occasionally will add links to some sponsored sites, but it is much less distracting than the other arrangement.
To apply this Opera Mini Trick, go to Menu> Settings and then tap on Advance.
On the next screen, Tap on Start Page Content and select Speed Dial Only from the popup.

remove ads from new tab
Enabling Speed Dial Only New Tab

Turn Off Facebook Notifications

This may probably be the most annoying feature of Opera Mini, once you have logged-in to Facebook using the browser, Opera Mini sends you push notifications on your notification drawer from the social network.
It is enabled by default and if you also have Facebook installed on your phone, receiving to notifications about same event can get pretty annoying.

stop Facebook notification
To turn this off, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Facebook Notifications.
on the next screen, un-check the first check box to toggle the notifications off.

Switch to Single Column View

If your phone has small screen, browsing a website that is not optimized for small screen can get quite uncomfortable. In these situations, you can switch to single column view.
After turning it on, the sites are loaded and showed in a single column so you wont have to scroll horizontally.

To do this, go to Menu > Settings > Page Layout and tap on Single Column View.
keep in mind that some sites may not work properly.

Download large files only on WiFi

Mobile network operators are usually more expensive than wireless broadband connections and if you have got one on home or office, it may make more sense for you to download large files on those network as it will cost you less than downloading the file directly through the mobile network provider, not to mention that it can also result in an exhausted monthly data allowance.
luckily, there is a neat opera mini trick that lets you postpone download until you are connected to a WiFi network.
To enable it, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Downloads.
from this screen, select Large Downloads and tap on Always Ask or Wait for WiFi.

Lower the Image Quality to Save Data

Images are usually the biggest data consuming elements, some pages are entirely made using images and if you are low on data, loading all these images in the highest quality can cause the data to consume faster than ever.
To minimize data usage, you can lower image quality and even turn it off altogether. to do this, go to Menu > Data Savings and tap on Images on the next screen.
From the next popup, you can select any image quality that you want.

Do You Have any Opera Mini Tips and Tricks?

Have you been using Opera’s mobile browser? If you have any other Opera Mini Tips, share with others in the comments below.

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