See Blackberry CEO’s Struggle Demonstrating BlackBerry Priv

All people are not good for demonstrating products, This happened to prove at an event when BlackBerry’s CEO was demonstrating company’s new phone BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry Recently announced the name of the phone. Along with it CEO also talked about the availability of Blackberry Priv.

CEO John Chen was demonstrating the phone features and design at an event and it was just embarrassing for him. He tried to launch Google Chrome Browser, After tapping the icon on BlackBerry Priv for the first time, nothing happened. After tapping it twice more, The app finally opened and it was not yet configured.

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It was a good example that before giving demonstration of any product, everyone should make preparations. Chen was not ready for the demo (it seems because the phone was not configured with a Google account) however, not being able to speak the right name of Google’s Operating system is definitely embarrassing. John said that the phone “Runs Google”  all  time in demo.

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