How To Use Google Search Like A Boss

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Google is everywhere, so much so that Google is now a word on Oxford Dictionary which means ‘to search something on the internet’. With that in mind and considering most of us use Google all the time, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting tips and tricks that can help you search the web like a Pro on Google.

Click here or on the infographic below to see it in full screen (especially if you are on a mobile device.

how to use google like a pro (Source) | NEXT STORY: Everything We Know About Upcoming Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

NASA Now has a Giphy and Pinterest Pages and they are out of this world

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During the Apollo 11 mission, who would have thought that after a few decades, they will become part of Internet Dank Memes.

America’s The National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA has already had his official accounts on more than ten social platforms. Well, NASA has added two more today: Giphy and Pinterest.


Let’s talk about Pinterest first; NASA says that Pinterest will be used to post “new and historic images and videos, known as pins, to collections called pinboards.” NASA already has a lot of visual content and the ability to pin them on a virtual board and categorize them appropriately makes a lot of sense.


But I am more interested in the latter one: Giphy. The Internet has been seeing a rise of Giphy since last few years, and what can be a better thing to share on Twitter and Reddit than astronauts eating tacos in space. Head over to NASA’s Giphy and you will see that there are both kind of Gif’s Serious and not.

Thank you internet, Thank you NASA for making my twitter profile look a bit more scientific.

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Watch: 5 Funniest iPhone 7 Parodies

After the iPhone 7 was launched, people started posting spoofs on iPhone 7 and Apple AirPods. Here are some of the best iPhone 7 Parody videos

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Apple launched the iPhone 7 early this month and as usual, there are some things to love and some things to hate in the new smartphone.

While most people liked water-resistance and the improved battery life, some were pissed about the removal of Headphone jack. Also, granted that the new AirPods are impressive, people are comparing the Bluetooth earpieces with Dental floss.

As we have started to learn from recent years, the Internet is an Amazing place. Soon after the iPhone 7 was launched, some creative – and humorful- folks created their own take on the product launch and started posting spoofs on iPhone 7 and Apple AirPods. Here are some of the best iPhone 7 Parody videos for your entertainment.

Keep in mind that the following may contain some cursing,

The iPhone 7 is Worse

Collage humor’s video on iPhone 7 straight up says that Apple has made the iPhone 7 is just worse that the older iPhone. The parody has a very similar narration as the official Introduction videos and the fact that narators voice sounds like Johny Eve is just a cherry on the top.

“We remove the headphone jack and that’s all the innovation we did”

Hey bro, can I borrow your dongle?

This iPhone 7 parody comes from jacksfilms and mocks AirPod quite impressively. You will also find US music artist Sia in the video doing some weird shit.

The new iPhone is the same as the last three

YouTuber Richi Rich’s Parody on iPhone 7 has some hilarious moments. According to the video, the only reason of Apple removing the headphone jack is to sell $160 AirPods.

Don’t Blink

After the October event, Apple uploaded a video called Don’t Blink on its YouTube Channel summarizing all the products launched on the event.

Indian Comedy group AIB created their own summary of the event and the result is completely hilarious.

The iPhone 7 Launch

This one is from Charles The French and

Which one is your favorite iPhone 7 Parody?

Among the above 5, which one did you find the funniest? Share with us in the comments below.

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50+ Funniest Geek Jokes And One Liners To Make You Laugh

Weather you are a Geek, a nerd or a normal person, it is always good to have some humor
Here are some of the funniest Geek jokes.

World is sad, people in the world are sad, but you don’t have to be today. Weather you are a Geek, nerd or a normal person, it is always good to have some humor.

So, Here are some of the best and funniest Geek jokes that I have found on the internet.

  • “I’m not interrupting you, I’m putting our conversation in full-duplex mode.”
    – Antone Roundy
  • Man is the best computer we can put aboard a spacecraft… and the only one that can be mass produced with unskilled labor
  • Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

The box said ‘Requires Windows Vista or better’. So I installed LINUX.

  • UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.
  • In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?
  • C://dos

  • Bugs come in through open Windows.
  • Penguins love cold, they wont survive the sun.
  • Unix is user friendly. It’s just selective about who its friends are.
  • Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with your Microsoft product.
  • NT is the only OS that has caused me to beat a piece of hardware to death with my bare hands.

My daily Unix command list: unzip; strip; touch; finger; mount; fsck; more; yes; unmount; sleep.

Microsoft: “You’ve got questions. We’ve got dancing paperclips.”

  • Erik Naggum: “Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question. NO is the answer.”
  • Windows isn’t a virus, viruses do something.
  • Computers are like air conditioners: they stop working when you open Windows.

Mac users swear by their Mac, PC users swear at their PC.

  • Q: Why is it that programmers always confuse Halloween with Christmas?
    A: Because 31 OCT = 25 DEC.
  • An SQL statement walks into a bar and sees two tables. It approaches, and asks “may I join you?”

Two strings walk into a bar and sit down. The bartender says, “So what’ll it be?”
The first string says, “I think I’ll have a beer quag fulk boorg jdk^CjfdLk jk3s d#f67howe%sadyuhxcjsyguhGYTGYFTY~“@@Dz x.xvcu”
“Please excuse my friend,” the second string says. “He isn’t null-terminated.”

  • If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0.
  • My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.
  • If brute force doesn’t solve your problems, then you aren’t using enough.
  • SUPERCOMPUTER: what it sounded like before you bought it.
  • Evolution is God’s way of issuing upgrades.
  • The code that is the hardest to debug is the code that you know cannot possibly be wrong.
  • Beware of programmers that carry screwdrivers.

1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d.

  • Did you hear about the Coder that got stuck in his shower for a week? The instructions on his shampoo said: Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • The beginning of the programmer’s wisdom is understanding the difference between getting program to run and having a runnable program.
  • If I wanted a warm fuzzy feeling, I’d antialias my graphics!
  • I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user friendly.

Hey! It compiles! Ship it!

So, two atoms are walking down a road together. One atom says to the other, “Hey, I think I’ve lost an electron!” The other atom asks, “Are you sure?” The first atom responds, “Yes, I’m positive!”

  • The truth is out there. Anybody got the URL?

The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents.

  • Some things Man was never meant to know. For everything else, there’s Google.
  • COBOL programmers understand why women hate periods.
  • Be nice to the nerds, for all you know they might be the next Bill Gates!
  • Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity.
  • To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

CAPS LOCK – Preventing Login Since 1980.

  • “Programming is like sex, one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.”- Michael Sinz
  • If you give someone a program, you will frustrate them for a day; if you teach them how to program, you will frustrate them for a lifetime.
  • Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code.

My attitude isn’t bad. It’s in beta.

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Sources: The Internet. Sadly I am not good at making jokes, some of these  jokes can be found on this thread.

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Here Are Some of the Funniest Comments Found in Code

Here are some of the funniest comments found in code.

If you have learned programming in past, you should be familiar with comments. These comments are programmer readable text that is simply ignored by the compiler when they are executed.

Comments are for programmer’s convenience, they usually use them to store some important information, directions,and To-Dos . Sometimes, programmer’s also include information that may come in handy when someone other is given charge of maintaining or editing the code.

However, in some cases, many programmers use them to show their humor or even sometimes share their feelings.

To collect some of the funniest comments found in code,  I started digging in Stack Overflow and in Quora. I found  more that a dozen comments that I can’t help sharing with you.

So, Here are some of the funniest comments found in code:

The God only code
//When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing
//Now, God only knows
What’s in The Name
#shakespeare was wrong, name is necessary
# names the output buffer/file
virgin = 0; /* you're not a virgin anymore, sweety */(Source)
IE Deserves a special treatment
after hours of consulting the tome of google
i have discovered that by the will of unknown forces
without the below line, IE7 believes that 6px = 12px
*/font-size: 0px;


You Need To Pay him Well
Double penetration
// I'm not paid for this...


Sorry that you will have to deal with this
// If you're reading this, that means you have been put in charge of my previous project.
// I am so, so sorry for you. God speed.


The Proper license
/* The License:
You (from this point on referred to as The You) are hereby 
granted by me (from this point on referred to as The Me) 
license to knock yourself silly with this template. 
By using this template The You implicitly accepts this 
license and pledges solemnly to never claim creative 
ownership of any graphics, code, concepts, eggs, bacon, ideas, 
colors, shapes, hypertext-transfer protocols or other conduits 
of the visual splendor thatis this template.

The Me, in turn, pledges equally solemnly to be far too 
lazy to ever check up on you, so if you do manage to pull 
some chicks The Me won't have a cow. 
However The Me would be sorely disappointed if The You 
were to try and sell or distribute this work without 
acknowledging The Me. Seriously. The Me will come down on 
The You like a large quantitiy of hard and heavy objects 
that in large quantities may be harmful and possibly even 
lethal to The You; So don't even think about it, The Buster.


Realtek is bad?

This funny comment was written by a guy who coded a driver for a Realtek card.

* The RealTek 8139 PCI NIC redefines the meaning of 'low end.' This is
* probably the worst PCI ethernet controller ever made, with the possible
* exception of the FEAST chip made by SMC. The 8139 supports bus-master
* DMA, but it has a terrible interface that nullifies any performance
* gains that bus-master DMA usually offers.


Mean developer
// no comments for you
// it was hard to write
// so it should be hard to read


The chicken story
/* Emits a 7-Hz tone for 10 seconds.
True story: 7 Hz is the resonant frequency of a
chicken's skull cavity. This was determined
empirically in Australia, where a new factory
generating 7-Hz tones was located too close to a
chicken ranch: When the factory started up, all the
chickens died.
Your PC may not be able to emit a 7-Hz tone. */


Good Night
#Today,I take this opportunity to tell you about this super cool function
#and the core logic
#It's already 4 am and I have been coding this function since, well forever
#So I have no idea what I have done, or even why am I typing this
#but it works.period. If you want to know how, find it yourself
The Poetry
int MyFunction()
// There once was a man named Dave
int Result = 0;

// Whose code just wouldn't behave
MyObject *Ptr = new MyObject();

// He left to go to a meetin'
Result = Ptr->DoSomething();

// And left his memory a leakin'
return Result;


Luckey Number
This isn't the right way to deal with this, but today is my last day, Ron
just spilled coffee on my desk, and I'm hungry, so this will have to do...
return 12; // 12 is my lucky number


CyanogenMod’s Disclaimer
/* * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for bricked 
devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because 
the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns
about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing 
to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at us for messing 
up your device, we will laugh at you. 
Calling all the Gods
/*Lord of code, thee who art most understandable, extensible and manageable. Forgive me as I undertake this blasphemous quest to write a solution with previously badly written code, and break my vows of old, in committing myself to extending the prior mentioned code with my own dirty code. Grant that this quest be successful and may I never have to commit such acts ever again. */


Talk Like Man
$you = live("free") or die("hard");


I Hope these funniest comments found in code made you laugh a bit. Do you recall any other funny comment in programs? share with others in the comments below.

How much is does it cost to go to space?

how much does space travel costs? to get the answer, you can see the infographic here.

Yup, As anyone would expect, going to space is expensive, really expensive. This is why we don’t often go to space, only countries with a lot of money consider doing that.

But how much does a space mission costs? to get the answer, you can see the infographic below. As we can expect, most of the missions are conducted by NASA. However, India’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has also done great work here with several of its missions, most notable being ISRO’s Mangalyan that cost almost $75 Million.

via ignitespot

Click on the image to see it in full size.

space travel costs

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Google’s Star Wars Easter Eggs Are Simply Awsome

World is getting more and more crazy about the upcoming Star Wars movie.When the complete internet is following latest adventure of Nerdy franchise, how can Google ignore the craze.

World is getting more and more crazy about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Tons of publishers are covering the movie and market is flooded with Star Wars gear. When the complete internet is following latest adventure of Nerdy franchise, how can Google ignore the craze.

Google+Star Wars

To celebrate the Star Wars release ( and make it sure that Google cares about its fanatic users) Google has created some stuff just related to Star Wars. From the basic credits style easter eggs to a customized UI for each side, you can enjoy all right now.

The first one is a simple search result easter egg showing the iconic Star Wars opening crawl, To see that just type A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away on Google Search and see for yourself.

star wars google

Google has also added a pause and stop button if you want to open any link from the search results.

The most interesting addition is a site launched by Google that is able to change UI of Google Apps according to which side in the Star Wars you choose.

Just head to and from here, you can choose which side you are with. Both sides differ in customization and you will need to sign-in using your Google Account to apply these changes.

Google's Star Wars Easter Eggs Are Simply Awsome

The site changes tons of aspects on Google web Apps such as theme of Gmail and Google Chrome. Changes according to the side you choose.

These changes will be removed on 1st February of 2016. If you want you can revert back to default theme or change side from the site.

Google has promised that it will continue to create these easter eggs and sites in future.

Bonus: Star Wars Honest teaser.

Nothing else can be better on creating a parody trailer of Star Wars than Screen Junkies.

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Everything You Need To Know About Moon

Moon is the one round object in the sky that we have all spent time watching in the night time. Tons of traditions are formed around it and almost all children like it.

Below are some of the most interesting facts about the moon. If you know any other fact that is fascinating, share with us in the comment below…

everything you should about moon

Via giraffe

The Complete Guide to Photography Basics

Photography is an art, and it is tough to learn.Things go even worse when you start with digital cameras. There are dozens of terms to know, many features to learn and also tons of choices to make when you are trying to take a shot.

Photography is an art, and it is tough to learn.Things go even worse when you start with digital cameras. There are dozens of terms to know, many features to learn and also tons of choices to make when you are trying to take a shot.

Well, To help you in understanding several terms of Photography, folks at KatchUp have created this excellent infographic. Hope this helps in demystifying most of photography related questions, if you have one unanswered, drop a comment below.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Photography for beginners- nfographic

Which Programming Languages Should You Learn in 2015

Programming Languages matter a lot for Computer Science students.Here we are with an inforgraphic which will guide you in choosing a programming language.

Programming Languages matter a lot for Computer Science students, IT professionals and for developers. Though programming works in an almost same concept for the most part, there are a lots of programming languages in Market to choose from. Each having its own strengths and own weaknesses. In programming industry the salary for a programmer varies for one language to another. Here we are with an inforgraphic which will –I hope– guide you choosing a programming language to learn.

Getting to Some Conclusions we get to know that Python is the easiest to learn and C++ is the most powerful programming language.

If you are interested in developing mobile apps you should learn objective C and Java, the former is for iPhone apps and the latter is good for Android App development.

Learning Programming Languages For Free

Coaching institutes charge a lot to teach you programming language and you are not always free to choose the programming language of your choice in college as college will stick to its syllabus. Here are some websites where you can learn programming for free.

Which Programming Languages Should You Learn in 2015


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