Google is Making A Laptop Called Pixelbook

Alongside with its much-anticipated Pixel Phones, Google is heading on to launch its new high-end Pixelbook, a handy notebook running on Google designed OS that is equipped with all Google applications as well as Playstore to explore a whole wide range of tools. And just before the company’s upcoming event, it has leaked out via electronics reseller Synnex, who revealed some information about Pixelbook at 9to5Google.

The laptop will have a 12.3-inch display with Intel Core i5 series processors. Leaks claim that three models, ranging between 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB will be there. A separate leak by Droid Life expects that respective costs would be $1,199, $1,399, and $1,749.

Pixelbook’s owning a different Core i5 processors for the different models is still vague. Google may have plans to use the older seventh-generation cores or the recent eighth-generation chips. Both cases are equally possible and the scenario is equally obscure for now.

However, we are soon to find it out as the Pixelbooks launches tomorrow. Then there is a surprise. Synnex listing has also given an idea of ‘Google Clips’. Those are deemed to be ‘computer accessory’. We have no further information about what those are and what those are supposed to do.

So tomorrow it may come out as a regular launching event, or it may be a new announcement of new advancement from Google in the new realm of technology. Considering the last attempt of creating a productivity machine from Google – The Pixel C- did not do so well, it will be interesting to see what Google has to offer this time.

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HP Launches Z8 Workstation Desktops With 3TB RAM and 48TB of Storage

Sure, Razor Blade, Dell’s XPS and Apple MacBooks are aiming to provide as much as performance per liter as possible while also trying to be as small as possible, still, there are some works that these tine computers just won’t cut. If you are into these things, HP’s latest offering may be of your interest.

Recently, HP launched Z8 series of desktop workstations that are powered by dual Xeon CPUs with up to 56 procession cores (and double amount of threads) and the computers support up to 3 terabytes of RAM  (in case you forgot, 1024 GB = 1 TB). Apart from that, the computers also support up to 48 terabytes of storage all inside the case and to crush almost all tasks that someone may need, Z8 can be equipped with as many as three Nvidia Quadro P6000 graphics cards.

To actually make sure that those cores can be utilized, the Z8 series will feature 9 PICe slots, seven of which are full size and it has support for dual M.2 SSDs for blazing fast storage. It also has dual GiG-E ports, ten USB 3.1 ports, and an optional thunderbolt 3 port. The monster of a workstation is powered by a 17,00 (yes, seventeen hundred) watt power supply and it will be cooled by invective decting.

The performance will, as you can guess, not come cheap, the Z8 will start at $2,439 for base models and you can expect it to reach tens of thousands of dollars for fully equipped versions. Unlike the recently launched $9000 Acer Predator laptop that was aimed at gaming, this one is made for serious data crunching, graphics work, or simulations. If you need it for work or you just hate your money, pre-orders will be starting soon.

In case you want a more reasonable and cheap computer, here is our laptop buying guide that may come in handy. 

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NVIDEA Just Launched A New GPU: GEForce GT 1030

NVIDEA has released its latest GPU GEforce GT1030 for an MRP of 5,999 INR. It will be available in the retail market for as low as 5,600 in compact, single-slot, and low-profile form factors. Zotac and MSI have their respective model in the Indian market as the Zotac GeForce GT 1030 ZT-P10300A-10L, priced 5,995 INR and MSI GeForce GT 1030 2G LP OC, priced 5,999 INR.

New graphics cards based upon this GPU are going to compete with Radeon RX550 by AMD that are recently announced and about to make their place in the market. Like the earlier beefier 10-series, GeForce GT 1030 GPU is also based on Pascal architecture, though it has only 384 CUDA cores (processing units).

With an ability to run up to 1468MHz without any significant overclocking, 2GB of GDDR5 RAM on a 64-bit bus and its total memory bandwidth expands up to 48GBps, and both active and passive cooling solution makes it a very appropriate GPU for low to middle powered PCs. Not being GTX GPU, it is not designed for heavy gaming devices. For the same reason, there is no support for either VR or Nvidia’s G-Sync, Ansel, and GameStream. It needs no power connectors and it’s maximum power requirements remains 30W, which is far lower than PCIe slot limit of 70W.

This card is especially about to be useful for those who wish to upgrade an older PC by adding some integrated graphic performance to it, or use it for photo or video editing, although low powder games on a 1920×1080 HD resolution will work quite fine and smooth. Assumed models will have one single-link DVI port and one HDMI 2.0b port. Depending upon the patterns and frameworks opted by the manufacturer, that may vary.

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Microsoft’s Upcoming Surface Pro 5 Just Got Leaked

Fans of Microsoft’s Surface series have been gushing about the elegant design and the notepad comfort that the devices have added in the gadget world. It had been since its 2015 release of Surface Pro 4, that a coming update was awaited. Looks like the wait is soon to be over and the patience rewarded. A recent leak reported by VentureBeat has unraveled few features that Microsoft’s newest surface device will include. Also, Microsoft is supposedly making an announcement of a new Surface Pro on its China Hardware Event coming week which may reveal more about the coming releases by the tech giant.

The successor of Surface Pro 4, will be titled simply as “Surface Pro“. It retains the much admired elegant design of its series and rather focuses on updated internals along with specs. VentureBeat leak also suggests that the tablet is about to hit the market this year  And by the coming the Monday they are to provide a detailed info of its specification in particular.

The leak also details that while its accessories remain quite the same as of Surface Pro 4, latest Type Cover and Surface Pen Renders are to come out in new colors with this release, to be quite much on the pattern of those which released for Surface laptops recently. The innovation and compatibility of new Type Covers and Surface Pen paralleled with new gadgets bestow a unique color sense for it’s Surface Pro alternative.

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Oculus Rift is cheaper thanks to the competition

If you have been paying attention to the rising VR Industry, you must have noticed that getting into quality VR is quite expensive. Not only you will have to buy a VR headset like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you will also have to shell out cash for a beefy computer system, which alone can cost anything around $1000.

There are some cheaper experiences available -Google’s Cardboard comes to mind- but the experience is hardly comparable to what you will get from a dedicated headset and full-length games.

Thanks to the rise of $300 Playstation VR and the growing sales of HTV Vive, Oculus has made the entry barrier slightly lower, before today, the bundle of Oculus Rit and Touch controller was sold at $798, but with Oculus’ recent announcement, the complete package will cost $598.

In case you already have a Rift, you can buy a Touch control for just $99 but keep in mind that you will also have to shell out $58 for the sensor to map its movements.

The company announced its price drops on the Rift’s first anniversary, alongside with the price drops, the company also announced the launch of Robo Recall, which will be an exclusive title for Oculus Rift.

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This computer comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Just $10

The world has seen some inexpensive computers in recent years, and it all started with  Raspberry Pi, which are dirt cheap barebones computers that come without a display, IO devices or even a case, but has enough horsepower to carry some basic computing tasks without using much power. Most notable is the Raspberry Pi Zero, which came last year costing crazy sounding $5.

Today, the  Raspberry Pi foundation turned five and to celebrate its birthday, the Foundation just launched an update for its $5 PC, adding a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to its cheap computer.

The Pi Zero W

It is not that the Pi Zero was a bad or expensive computer, far from it, but getting wireless connectivity for it required users to go on the market and buy external dongles to get basic wireless connectivity, for an additional $5, the Pi Zero W will solve these problems.

In case you were wondering, the Pi Zero W has a 1GHz ARM processor, 512 MB of RAM and an HDMI port that can output 1080p videos.

The foundation also announced that it would be selling its line of Pi Zero compatible cases which will be injection molding.

Pi Zero cases

You can get a list of Pi Zero W sellers from here, but keep in mind that there may not be enough supply, at least for some time.

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Sony Just Launched World’s Fastest Memory Card

Even though Apple has omitted the inclusion of SD Card reader from all of its new MacBooks. SD Cards are still one of the most important storage devices for many creative professionals. If you recall, last year, SanDisk launched a 1TB SD Card which is the highest capacity SD card to date. Today, Sony announced its SF-G UHS-II SD card which is the fastest SD card in the world.

The Sony made SD card features read speeds of a cool 300 MB/s and writing speeds of 299 MB/s, making it faster than most mechanical Hard Drives and comparable to many SATA SSDs.

The card is shockproof, waterproof, X-Ray Proof and Temperature resistance. It will be sold in 3 capacities:32 GB, 64GB and 128 GB, there is no word on pricing from Sony yet, but it should have some performance premium.

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Microsoft is Preparing To Launch The HoloLens v3 In 2019

Credit: Microsoft

HoloLens is probably the most futuristic product that the company is working on as of now and some reports are suggesting that the Redmond giant is preparing to launch the third version of public on 2019.

The company has sold some HoloLens devices for $3000, but they were aimed at developers for creating the apps before the product is launched for general consumers later. Now, Microsoft thinks sidestepping the second version of HoloLens will allow it to work on improving the device by a huge margin and as a result, the consumer will be much happier.

If Microsoft skips launching the v2 to public, it may be possible that v3 comes to market at a more reasonable pricing.

Why Would Microsoft Skip V2?

Apart from getting the time for creating a cheaper and better product, there are some other reasons that Microsoft is skipping v2 for public release. As a post on TNW points out, no company in the world is currently in positions of competing Microsoft in AR industry. While Microsoft has already sold HoloLens units to developers and enthusiasts and even opened up the platform to the public, MR firm Magic Leap -which is it’s the closest competitor in AR- is not even ready with a consumer product to showcase.

Microsoft is keeping its plan as secret as possible; the company said to Thurott that “Mixed reality is the future of computing, and Microsoft HoloLens is the future and present of mixed reality. Our commitment requires no roadmap.”

It is no doubt that HoloLens is one of the coolest gadgets in VR and AR space and it will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s plan to release it pays off in future. The company announced in Computex last just that it is hoping to see 80 million VR devices in consumers’ hands by 2020; only time will tell if is possible or not

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The Core i5 Microsoft Surface Pro Just Got Even Cheaper

Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been one of the most impressive two-in-one’s since its launch. And even though the line of product has not been updated since 2015, the Windows 10 powered tablet still holds a good spot in price performance graphs for tablets, except that the i5 variant of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 just got cheaper.

Generally, the Surface Pro with i5 Processor and 256 GB SSD goes for $1200 MSRP, and Microsoft sells it on the Microsoft Store for $1049, but the tablet is currently available at best buy for $950, almost $250 less than the MSRP.

The particular model sports a 12.3 inch 2736 by 1824 resolution display, a dual-core Intel i5 Skylake chip, a 256 GB Solid State Storage and eight gigs of RAM to power Windows 10.

Tech Enthusiasts will notice that the tablet was launched on 2015, which means it does not have the performance and power consumption improvements of latest generation Kaby Lake processors. However, considering the price, Surface beats similarly priced MacBook’s and other tablets, it should not be a big problem.

There are rumors that Microsoft may launch an updated Surface Pro with 4K display soon, so if you are interested, it might be worth the wait.

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Patents Show That Intel May Be Working On A Curved 2-in1 Laptop

Patents are fascinating. Even though many of them don’t make it to the manufacturing process, they provide a clear idea of where a company is headed and where a company is spending is valuable R&D assets.

As The Next Web reports, Intel has filed a patent of a curved two-in-one laptop. It was filed back in November, and the notes describe it as an Electronic device with a detachable curved display.

If Intel makes this device in future, it will not be the first laptop makes to have a detachable screen, we already have Microsoft Surface, and Acer already has a monster 21″ Gaming Laptop that comes with a curved display, but Intel will be the first one to do both.

The patent doesn’t discuss screen size or other technical details, but I can’t stop thinking about how can a curved keyboard be usable on a desk.

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