Microsoft is Preparing To Launch The HoloLens v3 In 2019

2017 02 20 17h45 14
2017 02 20 17h45 14

Credit: Microsoft

HoloLens is probably the most futuristic product that the company is working on as of now and some reports are suggesting that the Redmond giant is preparing to launch the third version of public on 2019.

The company has sold some HoloLens devices for $3000, but they were aimed at developers for creating the apps before the product is launched for general consumers later. Now, Microsoft thinks sidestepping the second version of HoloLens will allow it to work on improving the device by a huge margin and as a result, the consumer will be much happier.

If Microsoft skips launching the v2 to public, it may be possible that v3 comes to market at a more reasonable pricing.

Why Would Microsoft Skip V2?

Apart from getting the time for creating a cheaper and better product, there are some other reasons that Microsoft is skipping v2 for public release. As a post on TNW points out, no company in the world is currently in positions of competing Microsoft in AR industry. While Microsoft has already sold HoloLens units to developers and enthusiasts and even opened up the platform to the public, MR firm Magic Leap -which is it’s the closest competitor in AR- is not even ready with a consumer product to showcase.

Microsoft is keeping its plan as secret as possible; the company said to Thurott that “Mixed reality is the future of computing, and Microsoft HoloLens is the future and present of mixed reality. Our commitment requires no roadmap.”

It is no doubt that HoloLens is one of the coolest gadgets in VR and AR space and it will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s plan to release it pays off in future. The company announced in Computex last just that it is hoping to see 80 million VR devices in consumers’ hands by 2020; only time will tell if is possible or not

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