Microsoft’s Next Surface May Be a Foldable Phone

2017 01 17 09h14 28

Microsoft’s Surface line of products has done the job of finding new device factors, and it has been done to varying success. While the Surface¬†Tablets, Surface Book, and Surface Studio have been about desktop PC’s where the focus is on running the PC user interface of Microsoft’s operating system, it looks like the Redmond giant is trying to do something similar¬†for mobile devices.

2017 01 17 09h14 11

A new patent by Microsoft was discovered today that shows Microsoft is working on a device that can is a phone primarily and it can be unfolded to get some extra real estate and behave like a tablet. Apparently, the device will support not just working on a plain tablet mode, but also a tent mode and a traditional laptop mode.

2017 01 17 09h14 28

A device like this can be very convenient in real world usage; phone mode will be perfect to take calls, reply to texts and using the camera while the tablet and laptop mode will be better suited for emails, document processing and getting real things done.

The device made with this functionality in mind should be thicker compared to current flagship smartphones, but if it is still practical, Microsoft may finally crack some valuable market share in the Smartphone ecosystem.

2017 01 17 09h14 20

While patents like don’t always come to life, Microsoft is a bit different company as the Surface Studio was leaked via patent filings.

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