Microsoft Made An App Just to Take Selfies (Seriously)

Microsoft selfie

We have talked about Microsoft apps made for productively in past, we have talked about a Microsoft made an android launcher in past, but who could have thought that one day we will get to see an App by Microsoft just to take selfies.

Microsoft Selfie is the new recently released app for iOS. The app uses machine learning to improve and edit selfies.

After you have clicked a photo using the app, Microsoft Selfie analysis the photo and provides the best editing options. It takes gender, skin tone, lighting, age and other things into account before providing any edits. And shows you a preview of the resultant photo, if you wish, you can make other changes on the selfie using the built-in tools in the app.

The app is currently available in English and simplified Chinese language and it has good reviews so far.

Microsoft selfies

Though it is interesting, it is not the first time that Microsoft is doing something related to selfies, back in last year, the software giant created a website that predicted the age of a person in a photo.

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