Leaked Benchmarks Are Suggesting That OnePlus 5 Will Be More Powerful Than Galaxy S8

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Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium are currently the only phones on the market that ship with a Shapdragon¬†835 SoC, which is the most powerful system-on-chip Qualcomm has ever made. The processor has helped Galaxy S8 to jump on the top ranks on the benchmark charts since its launch, but it seems that it won’t be for long.

GSMArena obtained some leaked benchmarks of the upcoming OnePlus 5 and these Geekbench marks show that OnePlus 5 will be faster in multicore performance. The listing suggested that single core score of OnePlus 5 is a very respectable 1963, but more impressively, its multicore score is massive 6687, which is higher than almost all flagship phones in the market including the S8, iPhone 7 Plus, and even Sony’s XZ Premium.

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In single core performance, the phone lagged behind Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8, but multi-thread scores make it clear that OnePlus 5 will be a fast phone overall.

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Credit: GSMArena

Apart from the performance scores, the leaked screenshots are also suggesting that OnePLus 5 will run Android 7.1.1 based on Oxygen OS.

The company has announced that OnePlus 5 will be launched ‘Sometime this summer’, considering the phone’s performance scores it will be interesting to see how OnePlus sells in the market compared to Galaxy S8.

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