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spectacles launched by snapchat

Snapchat Introduces Spectacles, Rebrands itself into Snap Inc

Recently, the current CEO of Snapchat, wrapped-off company’s glass project and it is called Spectacles, alongside with that, the company will also be going with a brand rename. First, let’s talk about the new Spectacles, these are a set of sunglasses that cost $130. The Spectacles have an

nokia 216 feature phone

Microsoft Just Launched a Feature Phone

Despite announcing it’s plans to sell the feature phone division to FIH Mobile earlier this year, Microsoft just launched a new Nokia Phone. In a big surprise to everyone, the Redmond Giant announced a new feature phone called Nokia 216. The phone will ship in two

RIP Google Project Ara | Image: Google

For Better or Worse, Google Just Killed Project Ara

Looks like Google has pulled the plug from Project Ara -an ambitious project about different companies making modular smartphones. A report has said that the project has been suspended by the search giant and it is being done for Streamlining company’s hardware efforts. Project Ara was