For Better or Worse, Google Just Killed Project Ara

RIP Google Project Ara | Image: Google

Looks like Google has pulled the plug from Project Ara -an ambitious project about different companies making modular smartphones. A report has said that the project has been suspended by the search giant and it is being done for Streamlining company’s hardware efforts.

Project Ara was never like Google Nexus devices. With Ara, Google was aiming at standardizing different modular parts of mobile phones. The customer could replace parts of his phone instead of buying a new one after every two year.

This lego brick style model was generated back in 2013 when Google acquired Motorial Mobility. A company which since has been sold to Lenovo. With a vision of free and open hardware platform, Google even made a bunch of prototypes and started testing it in last year.

Instead of working in producing Ara device, Google will be making improved flagship Pixel Smartphones which will ultimately replace the Nexus program.

If you were a fan of Ara and you were looking for having a modular smartphone as your daily driver, you can go and buy some LG phones or buy Moto Z which supports (kind of modular) snap-on.

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