You Should Try This Awesome WordArt Generator If You are a Kid From 90s

make wordart website

If you are old enough to have seen the 90s you must remember that back in the days,  WordArts were a big thing and Microsoft Office was a king of WordArts.

When I was a teenager, I remember adding words to documents to make them look cool. And it was easy too, click on a button, selects the most aggressive looking style and type what you want and hit OK. The result was, – at least how I remember – the coolest looking assignment I thought anyone on earth had seen.

Make WordArt is a website created by designer Mike McMillan, and the site brings back the fun of adding these classic WordArts, and it even allows you to add your classic creations to your current documents.

The site is even designed like an application running on good-old Windows 98.

make wordart

The interface feels like it is straight from the 90s

After you are done, you can export the WordArt from the site and add them to your documents, or you can get them printed on a mug or T-shirt for yourself.

Created a masterpiece for yourself? Share with others in the comments below.