This Android Phone has embedded diamonds and a 360-degree camera

Protruly Darling

We have talked about premium Android Phones before and Gionee M2017 is a fine example of ridiculously expensive and crazy smartphones, but ProTruly’s Darling is not only premium, but it is truly innovative.

Protruly Darling

Protruly Darling

The ProTruly Darling is world’s first smartphone to come with a 360-degree camera that lets you take photos and record videos of all directions in once and it will also let you upload these clips to YouTube and Facebook which now support 360 degree uploads. Apart from that, the phone will have a premium version that will have some embedded diamonds.

But before we discuss the gems bolted-on phone, let’s talk about the Darling’s  design and specs. As the photos clearly suggest, the phone is not flat, and it has a quite large camera protrusion on both, front and back. While holding on hands should not be a problem, I think it certainly won’t be the most pocket-friendly phone on the market.

Aside from the crazy 360-degree camera, the phone will also have 13 MP shooters on front and back for traditional, old-school photos. ProTruly Darling has a 5.5-inch  FHD Display, and it comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of Internal Storage. The phone also has a fingerprint sensor and a USB-C port.

ProTruly will sell the phone in two versions: the first one will be budget oriented, and as per The China Daily, it will cost $600. The Second one, while expensive, is much more interesting. It will cost $1300 and to justify the cost; it will have leather, a strip of gold and four embedded diamonds on its body.

I have added a video from MWC, in which you can see the phone in action:

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