Now You Can Use PayTM to Buy Stuff From Google Play Store



While making payments via credit cards is not a big deal in developed countries, A lot of Indian users don’t have credit cards to pay for services and apps on Google Play Store.

Google has tried to solve the problem by introducing carrier billing which is available for Airtel, Idea and Vodaphone postpaid accounts, however, it is still not enough to cover all the users.

Indian mobile wallet PayTM seems to have found a solution, however. The company announced that it would let customers buy Google Play Store credit so that users who don’t have a credit card can make payments using their debit cards.

To buy something from Google Play Store, first, you will need to open the PayTM app on the phone. Then, after tapping on Google Play Store icon within the app, you can thenĀ enter the amount. Once you have entered the amount, you can either pay money to PayTM using your debit card or you can use your credit if you have some.

PayTM will then generate you a Google Play Voucher. Once the voucher is created, you can copy the text and enter it on Google Play Store to complete the payment.

While it is certainly not an evolutionary idea, it is an interesting way to deal with the problem.

Google has an official list of gift card retailers, but at the time of writing, it does not list PayTM as official vendor.

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