This is NanoPhone, World’s Smallest Phone to Date (It’s Cheap too)

2017 07 14 08h34 12

E-commerce site today launched a new phone called NanoPhone. What’s interesting about the phone is that it claims to be the smallest phone to date. The phone weighs 30 grams and it measures a mere 94x35x7.6 mm in dimensions which really sounds tiny for a phone in 2017.

Don’t get your hopes for the phone to be a performance powerhouse though, with 32MB of RAM and a 1-inch TFT display that has a screen resolution of 128×96 pixels, you won’t be running any modern Android apps.  It looks like adding features to the phone was not the intention of the company anyway, as it does not run on Android.

2017 07 14 08h34 26

The product page of the phone says, “…stylish, ultra-compact, anti-smart mobile phone” that’s meant for smartphone users who wish to maintain an active lifestyle having the opportunity to completely disconnect, while staying reachable and retaining other features, when required.” And the features reflect the intentions too, the phone has an MP3 Player, a 280mAh battery that should last for 4 hours of talk time, voice recording and FM Radio.

The phone charges via a MicroUSB and it has a 3.5 mm jack too, it supports Bluetooth and to my surprise, the tiny phone has 2 SIM card slots with a microSD expansion slot.

Should you buy the NanoPhone? I don’t think so, its $60 (Rs 3,940) price is cheap compared to modern smartphones, but I don’t think readers of Getting Geek can stop using their smartphone altogether and considering its battery life is not that great, using it as an emergency phone is a smart idea. Still, if you know someone who needs a smart basic phone it may be worth a look.

A couple of months ago, a phone Jelly came out, which claimed to be the smallest Smartphone that ran on Android. if you really fancy a small phone that is also a smarthpone, that one may be a better choice.

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