This Moto Mod Will Turn Your Phone Into A Working Walkie-Talkie

Even though Google has axed its modular smartphone project called Ara, LG and Motorola have kept the idea alive with some of their projects. As you may recall, current Motorola flagships include the ability to add custom mods to the phone.

Motorola recently ran a contest to give its smartphone mods a boost, and so far it looks like Motorola has found some success in the project. After some standard battery packs and camera mods, some crazy ideas have started to appear.

One of them is a new IndieGoGo campaign called Linc; it’s a “smart” Walkie-Talkie style attachment that you can use to talk to someone even without a network coverage. The Link snaps on the back of any Moto Mod supported phone just like other ones, but it’s a lot larger than other ones.

The Link promises to support 22 channels, SMS, geolocation sharing and an emergency alert button to transmit an SOS signal. The mod will also be able to connect to two-way radios made by different manufacturers via a radio-over-IP gateway.

To keep it powered on when in use, the Linc will also pack a 1500 mAh battery which should last for almost 20 hours on standby.

Moto Mods are specially designed for Motorola phones and typically don’t support any other mobile device, but Linc says that the Walkie-Talkie mod can connect to other phones using Bluetooth. Given that it costs $99, Linc has made sure that product is not terribly expensive.

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