It Looks like LG Will Be Making The Google Pixel XL 2

2017 06 14 15h32 12

If you have been a fan of Google’s Pixel or Nexus devices, you should already know that Google did not really manufacture the phones, among some other brands, most Google phones were built by HTC, Samsung, and Huawei. In fact, the Pixel and Pixel XL both smartphones were manufactured by HTC last year.

2017 06 14 15h32 12

Google Pixel 2 Concept

Well, 9To5Google recently discovered that this year’s Pixel XL phones will be made by LG. A Leaked bug report was made by an employee of LG earlier this year and the report contains information about moving an issue tracker to a section dedicated to a phone named Taimen. If you recall, we discussed a couple months back that Taiman was expected to be one of the 3 Pixel phones that Google will be launching this year.

After 9To5Google, Android Police also did some research and confirmed that the phone will, in fact, be made by LG.

Considering it is all regarding the XL2, we can assume that HTC will still be handling the manufacturing of smaller Pixel smartphone. It is not clear that why Google opted for LG instead of continuously working with HTC.

Now, because LG and HTC both will be making 2 different models in the Google Pixel 2 Lineup, it is a good possibility that this year, Pixel phones will have different designs whereas, in 2016’s Pixel Lineup, all phones looked same except for their size.

There are not many details about Pixel phone out yet, but it will be interesting to see how what Google can do to make a phone more impressive than Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which is selling like hotcakes.

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