Happy 17th Birthday Google, Live Long and Stay Online

google 17th birthday

So, Google seems to be very excited about its birthday and it should be. Google just turned 17 years old today. Google is celebrating it’s birthday by a showing a Doodle on its homepage. Google has been using a doodle on its birthday since 2002 when it celebrated its 4th birthday. This year, the doodle features a Linux Penguin,  a screen shot of Google’s first home page and a few ballons.

Google's First Homepage | Image: Google

Google’s First Homepage | Image: Google

Google has grown from a search engine to a giant internet company in just 17 years. When I was 17 years old, I was stuck in a math class in my school. No doubt Google has changed how we use the web and well, the web has changed everything

Google’s Birthday: Changes are on the way

Google is a lot changed in last one year. It surprised everyone when Google crated a parent company company Alphabet this year. Along with that some problems were also in the way of Google, and it is trying to get rid of them. The Biggest one is Antitrust Lawsuit in European Union Countries. Google is also changing itself. Google is trying not to become just a internet based company. It has bought thermostat company Nest and even Google is working on its Robots in the secret Google division called Google X. For more updates don’t forget to subscribe.