Google is Building a New Operating System And It’s Not Based On Linux

google new os fuschia


Here is a surprising news for you: Google is secretly creating an Operating System, the new OS is not a new version of Android or Chrome OS, it’s different and it doesn’t use Linux Kernel.

Named Fuschia on its GitHub page, the OS will be completely open source, meaning anyone will be allowed to see and change the source code of the Operating System. Google has named the OS Fuschia, which is the result when you mix Pink and Purple color together.

More about Google’s Fuschia

The OS uses a new Kernel called Magenta, which is focused to go toe-to-toe with IoT related operating systems like ThreadX and RTOS. However, the OS will also be able to run on bigger and more powerful devices such as Desktops and Smartphones.

The Operating System is being written in a programming language called Dart and it supports Flutter, a way to create cross-platform Android and iOS apps.

It appears that Google, does not want to let people know about the ongoing project, the GitHub page has no useful description, none of Google Blogs have mentioned the project and it is unclear if the Fuschia will only be used on IoT devices or not.

However, having more details about the Fuschia project are just a matter of time as it will be documented and announced eventually. When this happens, we will be informing you about it.

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