Android O beta is Available Today, And You Can Install it Right Now

2017 05 18 17h32 00

Just today, Android has released its Android O Beta version for its user base, an update that anyone with a nexus or Pixel Device can get it from The biggest improvement in Android O, according to google will be faster boot timing -the company estimated that phones with Android O will boot up to 2 times faster than phones with older versions.
Also, there are some other changes in the in the OS that ease out the way we use our devices. An immediately visible part will be the notification bubble that you will find on the corner of each application icon as soon as a notification arrives. You can long-press it to find a popup window
which will show the notification message without you having to leave the home screen.
Another impressive feature is a new Picture in Picture mode which opens up a video frame on your desktop to to improve multitasking g abilities as well as enhance application’s potentials to the new range. One may simultaneously keep a book reader or email client working while watching a YouTube or Dailymotion video in the video frame on the top. Of course, that will require a sufficient backup from the RAM and processor of your devices for a smooth experience.
The new update will also bring an advanced autofill framework that will be deeply interlinked with the search engine to dig out the details of company names or other such particular information for form fills. For developers, a new feature Vital is added to hunt the security and battery drain issues in Google Play. And for their greater elation, Kotlin Programming language is now supported for android.
Most of those updates had been a part of developer’s preview for quite a few months and are aired for users just today. With all those new features android is ready to jump in a more advanced mode.
However, given that it faces a challenge to fit in the diverse range of 2 Billion devices, the majority of which are still on a version earlier than Naughat (that holds only 7% of the market share), the updates will take some time to get users handy with new advancements.

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