What is the Difference between Galaxy S7 and S7 Active?

2016 08 08 19h50 09

The South Korean handset maker, Samsung Mobile launched its newest flagship device, Galaxy S7 across and and it has been received well by Android lovers around the world. Samsung is known to launch an Active variant of its flagship device every year, which goes on sale in American market. This year is also no exception as the Active variant of phone is already launched. While users are upgrading from older devices, they are faced with the dilemma of which one to pick up? If you are looking for the beauty, Galaxy S7 is the one you need and if you are a rough user, Galaxy S7 active should be the way to go. Apart from this, there are some additional differences in both handsets, about which we will discuss in this post.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is the uglier and beefier

Starting from Samsung Galaxy S6, everyone admired the turnabout that Samsung did with its design. It metamorphosed from plastic build to stunning metal and glass design, which the world could not get enough of. Samsung Galaxy S7 continues the same handset design and is a thing beauty.

S7 Active on the other hand has been designed to withstand the wear and tear. Therefore, while Galaxy S7 looks mesmerizing in its svelte form factor, Galaxy S7 Active less so owing to its bulky rubberized design. The handset is also wider and taller then Galaxy S7 with physical buttons up front instead of capacitive.  Samsung is claiming that the S7 Active is MIL STD-810G rated, which means it is protected against high pressures, temperatures,shock, fungus and radiation.



Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has an additional protective layer on top of the display

Samsung has made sure that the display of Active is well protected against accidental drops and scratches. The device comes with a display that has been protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 layer, which is known to be one of the most durable display.

While Galaxy S7 and S7 Active have the Gorilla Glass layer, Galaxy S7 Active has an additional layer of polycarbonate atop Gorilla Glass, which can protect the display against drops.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has Better battery

Galaxy S7 comes with a 3500 mAh battery which should be fairly enough to last one complete day with moderate usage.

S7 Active has even bigger 4000 mAh battery. Samsung claims that the device can last all day on a single charge even when the handset is being used extensively. Also, the handset also supports wireless and quick charging despite its rugged exterior.


The main difference between these two devices have to be in the price tag. While Galaxy S7 costs around INR 59,000 in Indian market. Galaxy S7 Active is costs more because of its stronger body and bigger battery.

Which one should you pick?

Currently, Galaxy S7 Active is not available in India and in USA the phone is  AT&T exclusive , it is expected that the phone will make its debut in India soon.

S7 is available on online stores and if you don’t need extra battery or ruggedness, the standard S7 should be your choice. If you need a strong phone but you don’t want to compromise on performance, S7 Active is a decent choice.