5 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Have

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing.
Here I have listed some of the coolest extensions for your Chrome Browser.

The best thing about Google Chrome is most probably its huge library of extensions. Thousands of Apps and extensions are made for Google Chrome, some of them are even capable of working offline.

For those who don’t know about them, an browser extension are tiny piece of software that can add features in a web browser. Such as you can install an extension to remove all the ads or spoilers from internet.

They are a lot different than a browser plugin. Plugins are a lot more powerful and they sometime require system level permissions to work. also, a web site may need plugin installed in order to work, not a user.

Taking Adobe Flash for example, a website will need Flash plugin to be installed in order to play flash video whereas a website will never require you to install a browser extension.

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing because of a big library of extensions in Google Chrome Store.

Here I have listed some of the Must Have extensions for your Chrome Browser.

Pocket for Chrome

Pocket or formally known as Read it Later is a free extension, that is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Imagine times when you are browsing internet and you find an interesting post, but you don’t have time to read it. Then rather than bookmarking it, you can save it for offline reading in Pocket.

Once a page is saved, pocket will remove all the clutter from page and make it more readable. The app from Chrome Store can also save it for offline reading.

Not just that, Pocket also has an Android and iOS app and they sync with the desktop extension.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoJHYNKmS2U”]

SidePlayer For YouTube

We have already discussed it in past, SidePlayer will let you play a floating video in Google Web Browser, you can continue to do your work while keeping an eye on a YouTube Stream.

Sideplayer lets you play YouTube Video as a Popup on screen

You can read more about SidePlayer in this post.

UpNext Music Player

This is one hell of extension for Music Lovers, UpNext Music Player is a legal way of using YouTube as a music player. To play a song just install the extension and type the name in search box, it will automatically pull results from both YouTube and SoundCloud and start playing music.

5 coolest achrome extensions - upnext music player

UpNext is completely free to use and it looks really slick. You can create playlists and you can also import your Public playlists from YouTube. The charts section of extension will give you recommendations from Reddit and other sources.


Are you getting sick of seeing the same ugly blue color of Facebook? well, you don’t really have to be. Stylish is the best extension for Google Chrome to change the theme of websites.

It simply replaces the UI components from websites with the custom made by users around the globe. It has thousands of themes for thousands of websites. It is both easy to use and free.

You can read how to use stylish to change website themes from here.



Available as both an Extension for Google Chrome and as an app for android. It is just like a god gift for managing phone from computers. PushBullet is excellent at sending files and text from Computer to Phone and vice versa.

Moreover, you can view and also reply to notifications from your PC. PushBullet makes it really easy to send text messages from your Computer.

5 coolest chrome extensions - pushbullet

Did I forget to mention a extension that is cool and should be on this list? if yes, drop it in the comments below.


Image Credit: Stephen Shankland On Flickr

How To Use Windows Task Manager Like a Pro

In this WYSK (What You Should Know) article, I will guide you through the Windows Task Manager.

Starting from the early days of Windows to the latest Windows 10, the task manager was almost always the geek’s central point of controlling applications and processes. It has been rescuing a tons of users from non responding apps to painfully slow processes.

In this WYSK (What You Should Know) article, I will guide you through the Windows Task Manager.

What is that thing ?

Task Manager is a Windows Program that is used to manage and control working processes and other stuff. It is quite powerful and since the facelift in Windows 8, it can do a lot more than just manage running apps.

Windows Task Manager can control running applications, change their priority and also manage Windows Services.

Windows 7 and the earlier versions include a pretty basic type Task manger so to get the new task manager you can follow this guide.

Task manager can also run new applications and manage network processes.

Firing Up the Windows Task Manager

There are many ways to open it up on the computer.

  • Right Click on your Taskbar and click on Task Manager
  • Press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select Task Manager from next screen.
  • And as always, search for it by its name on start menu.

Once you have loaded it up you may see something like this:

simple task manager
Looks too simple

It is not that a geek will want to use, you need extra control over apps and software. Click on the More Details to see Windows Task Manager in its full glory.

Windows task manager

From this screen, you can do all the following stuff.

Changing Process Affinity

By changing it you can allocate how and what cores and a software use. A processor  has many cores and several threads, by changing the affinity you can tell your computer program to use cores as you said.

To do this first you will need to find the name of Process. To do that Open the Windows Task Manager and under the Processes tab click on your app, in our case it is Windows Media Player. Right Click on it and hit Go to Details. 

On the next tab you will see your process is already highlighted, right click on it and select Set Affinity.

change process priority in ask manager

from the next dialog, you can change the processor cores allocated for that applications.

Ending a Stuck Application

Has the software gone in Coma and it does not seem to come back? worry not, you can always Kill it by finding the process and then hitting End Task.

As soon as you hit that button, the application will be terminated and all the allocated resources will be made available.

Managing Startup Applications with Windows Task Manager

For complete noobs, startup applications are software that run automatically when you turn on your PC. Some of these such as the antivirus are necessary and some are complete stupid apps causing the computer to load slowly.

You can disable these apps from running on startup just by a couple of clicks.

Go to the startup tab and select any app that you want to prevent from running on Startup. To disable that app click on Disable located on the bottom right corner.

manage startup application in windows task manager

Task Manager will tell you the impact of app on boot time to help you in deciding in what to disable. If you are confused on a particular app you can search on Should I Remove It, it is a Windows App that is free to use.

Track the Resources used by apps

On the App History Tab of Windows Task Manager, you can dig into all the details about apps installed on your Windows 10 PC.

It works only for modern (universal) apps installed from Windows Store on your Windows 10 PC.

Whereas it wont work with traditional software installed on system, you can still see the Internet usage and CPU time taken by Apps. Later if you find a less used app using too much resources, you can uninstall it right away.

If you wish you can also remove these details from your PC. Click on Delete usage history located below the tabs to do that.

Manage (or Mess up) Services

A service is a program or software that is running consistently in the background. You can see software running in the Process Tab but the services don’t always have a UI displayed. A service is run by either Windows itself or by any software application installed on your computer.

task manager

If you know what you are doing, you can Start or Stop them. To do this go to the Services tab on Task Manager and right click on the service that you want to start or stop. From the context menu you will be able to control the service.

Log Out other users and manage their processes

To manage and stop software that other users are running on your computer, click on the Users Tab. From here, Double Click on the user name to know which programs they were running and end them if needed.

You can also sign out them from the PC by clicking on their name and clicking on Disconnect Button on the right bottom area.

Want more control? try the Resource Monitor. It is basically a fatter and more powerful Application Manager, to launch it click on Open Resource Monitor from the Performance tab.

How do you use Windows Task Manager? If you have any other tip about Task Manager, share them with us in comments below.


Google is Removing Chrome Notification Center Because You Don’t Use It

Google, the company that is now owned by Alphabet, has removed Google Chrome Notification Center from Windows, Linux and Mac OS because no one is using it.

Google, the company that is now owned by Alphabet, has removed Google Chrome Notification Center from Windows, Linux and Mac OS because no one is using it.

As the company said in its blog post that the notification system on Google Chrome will be removed to make it simpler and remove the complexity.

Few users visit the notification center. To keep Chrome simple, it will be removed from Windows, Mac, and Linux in the upcoming release. The notification center on Chrome OS will remain unchanged.

– Chromium Blog

If you are not familiar with it, the notification center icon used to sit on the notification tray and at its best it was able to show cards from Google Now. Now after it is removed, any try to make a notification will result in an error and also any API that is using the Notification center will no longer work.

Other chrome specific notifications will continue to work and Chrome will still be able to notify you for any occasion.

It was first introduced in 2013 and a few month ago Google refused to Integrate Chrome Notification Center with Windows 10’s notification panel.

However, Google is not removing the Notification Center from its Chrome OS, which is the operating system used in Chromebooks. 


How To Enable The Hidden Dark Theme in Windows 10

Microsoft did include some things in OS that can be tweaked to enable a hidden dark theme for universal apps and settings

Microsoft took the minimalist approach with the Windows 10 operating system and most of the newly designed components have used light colours. It includes most preinstalled apps and settings app.

However, Microsoft did include something in OS that can be tweaked to enable a hidden dark theme for universal apps and settings. It looks like Microsoft may add an option to enable this mode in settings in later updates. If you want to use this hidden theme, you can make some modifications in Windows registry.

Before starting, lets take a look at how the dark mode looks…

enable dark theme mode in Windows 10
Groove Music Player
enable dark theme mode in Windows 10

Enable dark mode in Windows 10

Open the Windows Registry Editor

Search for “Run” command using cortana or Press WIN+R  to open the run command box.

In the box type “regedit.exe” without quotes and press enter. You may need the administrator privileges to open the app.

enable dark theme mode in Windows 10 3

Create Key #1

Go to This path:

  • Under Theme section create a new key using Edit > New > Key
  • When asked name the key to “Personalize
  • Under Personalize create a new DEWARD Key by right clicking any empty area on right sode and clicking New > DEWARD (32 Bit) Value.
  • Make sure that the Value is 0

enable dark theme mode in Windows 10

Create Key #2

You need to repeat the process for the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Themes \ Personalize

Under Personalize create a new DWORD Value and make sure that it is set to 0

If Personalize Key does not exist please create a new one. Just like step 1.

enable dark theme mode in Windows 10 3

Sign Out

In order to apply the new colours, you need to sign-out and sign-in again.

To revert to original colors, delete the Values created in step 1 and step 2.

For more updates on Windows 10, don’t forget to subscribe.

Sideplayer lets you play YouTube Video as a Popup on screen

You need to do some work but you cant help yourself watching a YouTube video? Sideplayer lets you do both in a neat way.

You need to do some work but you can’t help yourself watching a YouTube video? Sideplayer lets you do both in a neat way.

Sideplayer is a Chrome extension that works with YouTube. After you install the extension from Google Chrome Apps store, you will see Sideplayer button on your browser next to address bar.

You have two ways to open a video in Sideplayer, the first one is to Click on the icon in toolbar and paste the address of YouTube video. The other way is by clicking the Sideplayer button in below the YouTube video.


Video pops up on the right side of the screen by default. However, you can resize it, drag it and use common play controls. Popup stays on top and you are free to switch tabs on your browser. However, if you switch window. you will loose focus on video.

The plugin will definitely come in handy when you are chatting with your friends or doing some work online and you also want to watch a YouTube video.

The extensions is currently only available for Google Chrome. If you are using it on a Blink engine based web browser you can install it. I tried it on Yandex.Browser and Opera, it worked as expected.


Here is the list of best free software. All software we have listed here are free and they are powerful too. Let’s jump to our list by categories.

Who says all good things cost a price. Here is the list of free apps we think the best. All software we have listed here are free but  Make no mistake – they are powerful too. Let’s jump to our list by categories.


We have many options when it comes to office suites, well Microsoft office is the standard and if you can afford -the best. Among the free options we think LibreOffice is the best, it has all necessary features and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents. OpenOffice is also very good productivity suit. For web-browser based apps GoogleDocs is a good one.



While most of the folks go with VLC Media Player (and actually it is a good media player), we think that the KM Player is best media playing software. KMPlayer plays most media formats and it has good skinning support. Also it does not have stupid 200% volume bar (sorry VLC but I hate that) It has good subtitle support and slick UI.

If you are thinking of choosing a Media Center Software download Kodi (formally XBMC) it can play almost all media formats and it has a good 10 Foot UI.

To organize your media files MediaMonkey free is a really good software. It can tag media files and auto organize them.

Download: KMPlayer  |  Kodi  |  MediaMonkey


Thanks to Trojan horses and stupid shortcut and autorun viruses -Now everyone knows that antivirus is really important. But some people still don’t know that many good free antivirus are available on the internet. Our pick for antivirus is Avast Free Antivirus. It is fast and avast can protect you from most of the Viruses. For a second opinion one can use MalwareBytes Antimalware – avast for real time scan and Malwarebytes for on-demand scan.

Download: Avast  |  MalwareBytes 


To keep your PC fast and running happily we need some cleaning apps. CCleaner is both free and excellent. It offers junk cleanup, registry cleanup. Heck! You can even use it to disable auto-start apps.



Download : CCleaner


In one word CHROME. The world’s most popular web browser and the fastest too. Chrome offers wide range of extensions and themes to choose from – it is quick snappy and compatible with most of websites and web-apps. If you are an Open Source fan then you can go for Mozilla FireFox or Chromium – the open source version of chrome.

Download : Chrome  |  FireFox  |  Chromium


We know that for image manipulation and editing Adobe Photoshop is the “Industry Standard”. Still if you want a powerful, feature rich and free image editing software you can use GIMP. It has support for layers and you can extend the functionalities by using plugins, GIMP is available for Linux also.

Download : GIMP


For a normal user we would recommend Google Picasa – the editing options are very straight forward and the Picasa image Viewer is one of the most beautiful viewer we found till date.

For a PowerUser we would recommend using IRFANVIEW. It is free, Feature, Packed and it will keep any PowerUser happy.

Download : Picasa  |  IRFAN VIEW


We have already discussed many ways to compress data and save disk space. Data compression helps us sending data via E-mail or web. Zip and rar are the most used formats for archives. 7zip is an excellent app with support to almost all compression formats. On the other hands the compression ratio of 7z files is the best.

Download : 7Zip


Downloading stuff form internet can be made really quick if you use good internet Downloading Software. Internet download manager is quite famous and I have personally seen some people trying to download Pirated copy of this app. To download stuff form internet faster, we think Free Download Manger is the best (may be better than the Paid Ones) for downloading. When it comes to downloading your perfectly legal torrents µtorrent is excellent. That is small on size and lite on resources.

best free software

Download : Free Download Manager  |  uTorrent


To make your desktop fancy and more productive Rainmeter is the best. It offers highly customizable skins to make your desktop look cool, here is a snapshot of my own desktop.

Rainmeter gives information at a glance and web is filled with really good rainmeter themes.


Rainmeter gives information at a glance and web is filled with really good rainmeter themes.

Download : Rainmeter

Liked our list? What to suggest us any app to add to this list – drop us your comments below.